Sell With a Story: All Things Green

Is it really March already? The calendar says so, and that can only mean we Northern Hemisphere dwellers will soon be welcoming in spring and packing up our winter wardrobes. But March means more than just spring — it also means St. Patrick’s Day is on the way!

Wednesday, March 17, marks this year’s celebration, and we’ve got just what you need to invite good fortune AND to wear something green to protect yourself from being unwittingly pinched.

The Luck of the Irish

To kick off your social-distanced St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, we’re highlighting five gemstones that will have you and your customers green with envy. We suggest getting your hands on these gems as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the luck of the Irish all March long.

1. Fancy Green Moissanite

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, our gemstone team is THRILLED to introduce a most fitting gem: fancy green Stuller Lab-Created Moissanite™ (in addition to four other new fancy colors).

Offering both a lush green hue with the intense sparkle that is Moissanite’s claim to fame, our green Lab-Created Moissanite is perfect for any green aficionado. Share these cool facts about Moissanite to let them know you’re their gemstone expert for any need:

  • This stone was discovered in an Arizona meteorite crater, but all Moissanite used in jewelry today is created in a lab
  • Ranking at 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, Moissanite is harder than ruby and sapphire — and strong enough for daily wear in engagement rings, fashion styles, and body jewelry alike
  • Moissanite has more than twice as much sparkle as diamonds due to its unique refractive properties
  • Scientifically known as silicon carbide, Moissanite is used in computer motherboards
330616 330603 330612

Stay tuned for next month’s Sell With a Story, where we’ll do a deep dive into everything about Lab-Created Moissanite: its history, our two brands, Stuller’s five fancy colors, and even a new video showcasing why Moissanite is so marvelous.

In the meantime, you can shop our colored Lab-Created Moissanite here or learn more about the benefits of this wonderful gem.

2. Emerald

Ranging in hue from a warm yellow-green to a cool blue-green, it’s no surprise we embrace emerald for those born in May, the height of spring. As one of the Big Three gemstones, emerald has endured in popularity for centuries, being THE go-to gemstone for all things green.

Of course, there’s a variety of green gems available today, but for customers who want the traditional green gem, emerald is the only choice. Just be sure to treat it with care since these gems can be finicky and fragile to work with.

  • The name emerald finds its root in the Sanskrit word marakata, meaning the green of growing things
  • Due to its lush, rolling countryside, Ireland is famously known as the Emerald Isle
  • Emeralds and emerald jewelry are the gifts for the 35th wedding anniversary
  • The world’s largest emerald is a privately owned 7,052-carat uncut crystal from Colombia
91934 92123 92533

Take a deep dive into the verdant beauty and history of emerald at Sell With a Story: Emerald Gemstones, or find your perfect stone in our calibrated assortment or Notable Gems®.

3. Demantoid Garnet

Garnet comes in a wide range of richly hued shades that are both reasonably priced and readily available. But as with all stones, there are select types that are superstars. In garnet, that standout superstar stone is the Demantoid variety.

Getting its eye-popping color from trace amounts of chromium and ferric iron, this lime-green gem has one thing that makes it outshine the rest of the garnet family: Demantoid garnet has incredible fire dispersion — more so than diamonds!

  • Demantoid, meaning diamond-like, comes from the old German word demant
  • The highest quality gems come from Russia’s Ural Mountains, where it was discovered in 1853
  • Faceted stones above two carats are rare, and most are under one carat
  • Some have beautiful, unique golden horsetail inclusions — which make them even more valuable

You can find Demantoid garnet in Stuller Notable Gems®.

4. Tsavorite Garnet

Meet the other green giant of the garnet family: Tsavorite. This vivid grass-green gemstone gets its color from the element vanadium, although some Tsavorite garnets contain other elements that give their exceptional color a whisper of blue.

Tsavorite has a long, rich history that starts with its 1961 discovery — which you can read all about in our in-depth analysis at Sell With a Story: Tsavorite Garnet.

  • Tsavorite is an excellent, more durable birthstone option for May babies who shy away from their traditional emerald
  • Tsavorite’s name comes from Kenya’s Tsavo National Park
  • The finest quality Tsavorite hails from a deposit in Kenya’s Kuranze region
  • Most Tsavorite is natural and untreated, so the stone you receive looks exactly how it came out of the ground, offering the raw beauty of Mother Nature to customers
92459 92345 92600

We offer calibrated Tsavorite garnet in a variety of shapes, sizes, and vibrant color qualities as well as in our Notable Gems® collection.

5. Peridot

Also called the Evening Emerald, peridot is a radiant green with a hint of gold. This lush hue embodies true splendor and growth. While best known as the birthstone for August babies, anyone can enjoy peridot’s unique shade — and indeed, people are enjoying it, as peridot has been trending in a huge way recently.

If you have a customer who loves peridot for what it is, let them know that birthstones aren’t limited only to those born in a specific month. Anyone can enjoy this lovely bright green, perfect for both a spring celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and for sweltering summer days spent poolside.

  • Peridot is the gift for the 16th wedding anniversary
  • Why pear-a-doe and not pear-a-dot? Peridot was first mined in the town of Peridot, Arizona
  • Peridot is one of few gemstones that appears in exactly one color: a perfect pistachio panache
  • The oldest peridot gemstones came to Earth in a meteorite, and they’re 4.5 billion years old — a far cry from the meager millions of years of Earth-forged Peridot
92144 92309 92570

Check out Sell With a Story: Peridot Gemstones to learn more, or stock up in our calibrated collection.

More Things Green

Are you feeling the luck of the Irish (or perhaps even envy) yet? If not, check out these previous Sell With a Story blogs about some lesser-known green gemstones:

Many Needs, One Source: Stuller Gemstones™

Whether you need to shop gemstones by color, find a perfect match, or have a team of gemstone experts embark on a worldwide treasure hunt to find a very specific gemstone, Stuller has you covered.

With more than one million gemstones in our inventory and our next-day delivery on all in-stock products, we can get you what you need, when you need it — with the spectacular customer service for which we’re known.

Not sure where to get started?

Check out Stuller Gemstones™ today!

The Big 3: Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Reign Supreme in the World of Gemstones

Year-round, Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds are the most sought-after gemstones. Treasured for their rich, brilliant hues, they have fascinated and bewitched all who lay eyes on them. Is it any wonder we designate them as the Big Three?

And during the holiday season, the demand for these breathtaking stones grows as we highlight in our Holiday 2020 brochure. We no longer refer to precious and semi-precious stones, yet Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald remain precious in our hearts precisely because the finest stones are rare and costly.

I’ve often wondered if their holiday popularity is somehow related to the color of Christmas lights. But I think the opposite is true: our festive lights’ color captures the beguiling power of these jewel tones. We offer all three in Notable Gems™ and calibrated stones so you can meet all budgets. Here are some fascinating facts and tales that will nurture wonderful conversations with customers. 

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Header


Ancient lore tells us that blue Sapphire brought spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Sapphire also bestows wisdom, insight, and discernment to choose rightly when faced with obstacles and difficult situations. This jewel extended to the belief that Sapphire had the power to make peace between warring parties. Today, natural healers believe Sapphire has a positive effect on health issues, from hearing problems and inflammations to burns and cancer. It also has a calming effect, soothing a mind fighting depression and bringing joy to the wearer.

A Storied Sapphire

The Star of India — at 563,35 carats, one of the largest and certainly the most famous blue star sapphire — was discovered in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) two to three centuries ago. Moorish traders purchased the rough stone, taking it to India, then under British rule. They considered Ceylon a part of the Indian colony, and by rights, the Moors should have sold the Sapphire to them. Instead, they sold it to a European dealer. Eventually, it was mistakenly named the Star of India instead of the Star of Ceylon. The stone is famous not just for its size and flawlessness but because its sharp six-rayed star appears on both sides.

The Blue Belle of Asia

In 2014, this magnificent 392.52-carat antique cushion stone set a record for the most expensive Sapphire ever sold at public auction claiming $17 million. The peerless blue beauty was originally intended as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation. But it never made it to her jewel collection, disappearing for a good number of years. In recent years, a Saudi investor purchased it for an unknown price.

Rubies Sell Story Blog Header


Who can resist ruby’s luscious red? Throughout history, ruby has embodied all of life’s intensity: power, passion, and love. Kings, princes, and the wealthy sought rubies for their exquisite beauty, rarity, and prestige. Many rubies were not set in jewelry in medieval times but admired for their intoxicating shade. 

Not Just for Women 

Ruby was considered the essence of wifely devotion: a fire burning within, enduring challenges and temptation. And ancient warriors implanted ruby beneath their skin, believing it imparted both courage and invincibility. Not a bad combination to have on the battlefield. Others thought it bestowed perfect safety, cured diseases of the blood, and denoted integrity and generosity. It also had the power to warn its owner against danger — perhaps someone was trying to steal the ruby. Wow! That was a lot of responsibility, even for the “King of Precious Gems.”

Peak Hue

The ancient Burmese people first mined Ruby about 3000 BCE in the region around Mogok. They described the finest ruby as having the color of “pigeon’s blood,” a vibrant medium red with secondary purple hues. The Burmese set ruby in pure gold with its intense yellow color. The yellow canceled out the blue in the purple undertones, producing that rarest occurrence: a visually pure red. To this day, “pigeon’s blood” remains the most valuable ruby color. So much so that a large transparent ruby commands higher prices per carat than diamonds of the same weight.

Sunrise Ruby

This remarkable untreated pigeon blood Burmese Ruby is a rare 25.596-carat gem of the finest purity taking its name from a poem by Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi poet. In May 2015, it set a remarkable record for a colored gemstone selling for $30 million to an anonymous buyer. This price was three times the previous record for a ruby. Cartier set it in a platinum ring with shield-shaped diamonds on either side — a magnificent creation.

Savvy Marketing?

Ruby and Sapphire are both corundum. Color separates them with ruby’s hue from trace elements of chromium: the more chromium, the deeper the shade. Throughout history, ruby included all shades of red from light rose — a pink — to blood red. Historically, the lighter hues were considered “female rubies” while, the darker hues were “male rubies.”

Today in Asia, these lighter “reds” are still considered rubies. In North America and Europe, we call them pink Sapphire. The change happened in the late 19th/early 20th century. Why? A vibrant, medium red ruby is the preferred and most valuable color. This made the lighter rubies less valuable. But their beauty deserves its share of value. By creating pink Sapphire, jewelers didn’t need to compare it to ruby. Pink Sapphire has a separate category and standards getting its popularity from its much-loved vivid hue. That sounds like savvy marketing to me.

Emerald Gemstones Sell Story Header


Let’s go back to the Emerald City of Oz and forget about clicking the heels of our ruby slippers. Let’s click our emerald slippers instead and enter a realm of captivating beauty that has long exerted a powerful attraction from the rulers of ancient India to today’s A-Listers.

The Ultimate Emerald Devotee 

Cleopatra’s passion for Emeralds knew no bounds making her the gem’s most famous devotee. Her love led her far beyond jewelry. She wore emerald encrusted robes — a luxury by any standard. And she gave loose emeralds as gifts to visiting dignitaries — all of them men. Between 1000 and 3000 BCE, the earliest emerald source was discovered in Upper Egypt near the Red Sea. This later became known as “Cleopatra’s Mine.” Was this the origin of her many emeralds?

“The Green of Growing Things”

The name “emerald” comes to us from the Greek word, “smaragdos,” which may originate from either the Hebrew word “izmargad” or the Sanskrit word “marakata,” meaning “the green of growing things” — fresh, vivid, radiant. I like the Sanskrit version, which communicates the lush range of emerald hues. Think of the first leaves of spring and follow this verdant trail to the richer shades of spruce green. Along the way, you embrace a world of growth that reflects emerald’s mesmerizing power.

Catherine the Great’s Necklace

The Empress of Russia was famed for many treasured. Add this 75.61-carat Columbian emerald necklace to her riches. She received it in the18th century and ultimately it passed through many collectors’ hand to reach Pierre Cartier. In 2019, it was auctioned for $4.5 million.

Kermit Was Wrong — Way Wrong!

Kermit the Frog famously sang, “It’s not easy being green,” but when you’re admiring an emerald, you realize he got it all wrong. In addition to its famous beauty, extraordinary powers have been attributed to emerald through the ages. Read these, and you’ll realize that all of your customers need to have emerald jewelry — the more, the better.

  • In the 4th century BCE, Aristotle wrote that emerald increases its owner’s importance in presence and speech during business transactions. 
  • Throughout history, many cultures believed emerald enhanced fertility and fidelity: not a bad combination.

By the Middle Ages, emeralds had the power —  

  • To keep a woman chaste — but not a man! 
  • Reveal truth and falsehood. 
  • Provided an antidote to spells, enchantments, and demons.
  • Foretold the future if worn on the left side — but not the right.
  • To make people more intelligent and honest.
  • To change hues alerting its wearer of danger.

Whichever of these jewels your customers want, you’ll discover a stunning array in our Notable Gems and our calibrated stones, which include lab-created sapphires, rubies, and emeralds to meet all your needs.

For more interesting facts about gemstones and more information about the Big 3, check out some of our previous blog posts!

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Sell With A Story: Rubies

Sell With A Story: Emerald Gemstones

Gemstones for All: Five Gemstones for Men and Women

Brooches, Chains. Pendants. Rings. Gentlemen have a number of accessory options available and adding gemstones to fashion choices only allows for additional self-expression. Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that gemstones are only features of women’s accessories and jewelry. But, times are changing, and developing trends would suggest otherwise. Gemstones do not belong to just women – or just men for that matter. Gemstones are for everyone.

New Fashion or Timeless Trend?

If you follow celebrities, influencers, and trendsetters, you’ll begin to notice what seems like a new fashion trend: gemstones! Gemstones are starting to make more of a statement for men as well – young and old – accenting rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and more. But this androgynous trend is far from new. In fact, men from all backgrounds and from all over the world have been using gemstones in fashion throughout history dating back to the discovery of the earliest pieces of jewelry.

Gemstones have a rich history in fashion, each with their own story to tell. Let’s dive into five gemstones that make for excellent, powerful additions to men’s jewelry.

Ruby: Power and Boldness

Rubies Sell Story Blog Header

The color red symbolizes humanity’s strongest emotions of passion and fury. It is the color of our greatest desires, the blood that gives us life, and a symbol of battle. Such emotions and ideals are reflected in the energetic ruby. Ruby has been thought to provide all manner of virtues, such as vitality and invincibility in battle.

Often a favorite among gemstones historically, ruby is just as in demand today, with its value as prominent as ever. Ruby, a power move in fashion and bold choice in life, fits in well among unforgettable gold jewels. People are drawn to its color and the feeling of success and influence it brings.

Amethyst: Every Day is Regal

SWAS Amethyst Uses Blog Header

A bold and popular gemstone, amethyst has quite the history as a gemstone carrying great meaning. Due to its color, amethyst has been associated with the Greek god Dionysus (also known as Bacchus by the Romans), the god of wine. According to legend, amethyst was once connected to sobriety, sound mindedness, and protection. Because of this belief, warriors would make small cuts in their skin and place pieces of amethyst in the wound. The stones would inadvertently enter the bloodstream and as they blocked veins the warriors would seem vexed or drunk due to restricted blood flow. When the stones would dislodge, they were magically cured and attributed the “curing” to the power of the amethysts.

Throughout history, amethyst has been used to adorn royalty and religious figures. To this day you can still find amethyst as the chosen gemstone of bishops and even British royalty during the coronation. Amethyst is a noble symbol. Its color inspires power, boldness, and confidence.

Sapphire: Wear Your Style

SWAS Blue Sapphire Gemstones Header

Although they come in many shades and colors, the classic blue found in sapphires is one of the most distinguishable among gemstones in the world. From light and serene to dark and inky, there is a shade of blue for everyone. Truth, sincerity, and allegiance inspire those that choose to don sapphire. Sapphires can be found throughout history all over the world aiding in their steadfast following.

While most think of the iconic blue sapphire, these gemstones come in many colors and the options are endless. Each kind of sapphire is unique and worthy of appreciation, as are the people who wear them. Sapphire is noble and vibrant making it an excellent choice to accent stylings for all.

Emerald: Green with Envy

Emerald Gemstones Sell Story Header

Ambitious and lively, emerald’s notable green color is associated with opportunity and growth. Emerald is often connected to thriving landscapes, which ties in the virtues of relief and truth.

From Egypt and the Incan Empire to parts of Europe and Asia, the authority has a history of valuing the emerald. Emerald is a very calming, but powerful gemstone that makes for a great addition to anyone’s fashion statement.

Opal: Make a Statement

The magic of mystery strikes with the colors reflected in opal. Looking at opal, it is clearly not a traditional stone, but that does not detract from its intrigue. Historically, many have marveled at opal and found its colors inspiring. Others have associated it with the supernatural and the gift of prophecy.

Certainly unorthodox, opal’s rich kaleidoscope of colors is for those that wish to stand out and make an impression. Opal symbolizes hope and encouragement. Making a statement is the true magic this gemstone brings to the wearer.

Gemstones for All

Gemstones carry history and meaning. It is in this history you can see that they have a place with everyone. Man. Woman. Young. Old. Fashion and accessories are an expression of self and as time goes on jewelers will begin seeing more variety in those who are looking for ways to express those personal styles.

The gemstones mentioned only scratch the surface of stones used in modern fashion around the world. Other gemstones, such as tourmaline, garnet, and chrysoberyl, also make excellent gemstones for men and women. While Stuller may not carry every gemstone you might need, we are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You can special order gemstones through our network of sources.

Visit Stuller.com/specialorder to make a request.

Celebrate BeyDay with Styles Fit for Queen Bey Herself

The Beyhive is buzzing as we are bowing down in celebration of the flawless Queen Bey’s birthday. For 39 years, Beyoncé has graced the world with stellar performances, empowering music, and jaw-dropping style. Those who have been long-time fans of the Houston-native musical icon look back on various phases of her career and reminisce – her time with Destiny’s Child, the creation of everyone’s favorite alter ego Sasha Fierce, the love story between her and her husband Jay Z, the feeling of confidence you got when singing Single Ladies at the top of your lungs, the birth of Blue Ivy, the iconic gold Peter Dundas gown that highlighted her baby bump at the Grammy’s, performing at Coachella shortly after giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir.

Not only has Bey created memorable musical moments for us over the years, she is also known for her impeccable style and striking jewelry selections. Her looks are always blowing us away – from beautiful diamond pieces and gold that could break your heart to cutting-edge, fashionable hoop earrings and gorgeous emeralds. If you want your customers to stun the masses like Bey, be sure to suggest styles that allow them to be bold, be confident, and be noticed. Want some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite pieces that will make you want to put a ring on it.

Big, Bold, Beautiful Diamonds

Diamonds certainly are Beyoncé’s best friend. From being sewn into clothing – such as the black diamond dress from her Formation World Tour – to being used in jewelry settings that are the talk of town, like the Messika silk tie diamond necklace from her performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, her approach to utilizing diamonds in fashion is inspiring and eye-catching. Nothing grabs attention quite like a beautiful diamond and we are crazy in love with them.

While having entire garments made of diamonds isn’t the goal for the average customer, suggest sporting elegant Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings (653632) or a stunning Diamond Pavé Ball Pendant (653709) to let your customer feel big, bold, and beautiful.

lab-grown diamond earrings
Item # 653632
Diamond Pavé Ball Pendant
Item # 653709

Stylized Gold

Various metals will come in and out as trends, but gold will always be in style. Beyoncé left a lasting impression with gold during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Not only did she rock the gold Dundas gown, but she was also adorned with an intricate gold choker, golden hoop earrings, and an assortment of bangles on each arm. Not to mention the giant gold headdress complete with a halo.

Adding gold to your customer’s ensemble will help them complete any look, both casual and formal. Stuller’s Old World Globe Necklace (87532) can brighten anyone’s day and make them feel like they run the world.

Gold Old World Globe Necklace
Item # 87532

Hoop Statement Earrings

The Queen Bey is known for her accessories that make a statement and grab attention. One of our favorite looks are her hoop earring choices. For example, in 2017, she attended a Bruno Mars concert shortly after giving birth to her twins, Rumi and Sir. She wore a set of gold hoop earrings with the word “chunky” placed on them. Women’s bodies are often scrutinized after giving birth, but Beyoncé had a body positive message to love your body because it is golden.

Encourage your customers to get their own hoops that make them feel golden with our gorgeous Flexible Endless Hoop Earrings (52243). Pair them with any item from our Petite Pavé Dangle Collection for a unique statement piece.

Flexible Endless Hoop Earrings
Item # 52243

Large, Elegant Emeralds

You won’t only see Bey wearing dazzling diamonds. Another gemstone she keeps prominent in her collection is emeralds. One of our most memorable moments includes her diamond and emerald baubles valued at $10 million that she wore to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards where she won “Best R&B Performance” for her song Drunk in Love. Let’s also not forget the emerald Lorraine Schwartz earrings and ring valued at $2.5 million she wore when she sang the National Anthem at President Obama’s Inauguration in 2013. These pieces are in our sweet dreams and we are green with envy.

Your customers could add a touch of emerald to their ensemble at a great price point with an Emerald Petite Dome Ring (72173) from 302® Fine Jewelry. While not the flashy-sized emeralds donned by Beyoncé, this sleek and modern emerald ring is rising in style and popularity. It’s the “little something extra” Queen Bey would be proud of.

White Gold Emerald Petite Dome Ring
Item # 72173

These styles are truly irreplaceable and always fill us with inspiration. Happy Birthday, Beyoncé. Stay fierce until the end of time.


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2020 GRAMMY Awards Roundup: Jewelry Trends

Did you catch the 2020 GRAMMY Awards last night? Most importantly, did you spot all the bling the celebs were sporting?! Spoiler alert: the jewels were HOT!


2020 marked the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards show, which aired last night, January 26. The lovely Alicia Keys graciously hosted the GRAMMYs for the second consecutive year. However, hours before the show began, the public received word that beloved basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash. Many celebrities used the event as a platform to honor Bryant.

On a lighter note, we saw a lot of modern fashion looks, as well as a lot of simplicity. GRAMMYs jewelry was a mix of stunning and simple — a trend we may expect to see throughout 2020. A lot of celebs chose the “less is more” route, while others were decked head-to-toe in jewels.


Here are the hottest 2020 GRAMMY jewelry trends—

Dazzling Diamonds

We saw a lot of diamond fashion last night. Tyler, the Creator kept it classic in diamond studs, while Lizzo showed off an elegant diamond necklace stack. Luckily, these diamond trends are timeless, and can be easily replicated using classic diamond styles.






On the contrary to these classic pieces, Camila Cabello and Billy Porter decided to let their diamonds shine bright with chunky chokers! Rock this trend by layering multiple diamond necklaces.



Pretty in Pearls

There were quite a bit of celebrities that rocked pearls last night. Gwen Stefani displayed a beautiful, simplistic pair of diamond and pearl earrings. Stay on-trend by keeping a pair of accented pearl earrings in your jewelry box.





We saw beauty influencer Nikita Dragun and model Shaun Ross adorned in pearls last night from head-to-toe. Let me just say that I am OBSESSED with this look! While we may not be rocking pearl outfits every day, we can support the pearl trend with an interesting necklace or a more timeless staple.






Gorgeous Gemstones


Shawn Mendes, FKA Twigs, and Tess Holliday were seen showcasing some colorful gemstone fashion! Shawn wears a delicate diamond and emerald necklace, FKA Twigs flaunts a diamond-accented opal necklace, and Tess boasts some statement ruby earrings. Follow this 2020 trend easily by incorporating more color into your jewelry collection.






Honorable Mention

We saw some minimal yellow gold styles last night, one of my favorites being singer/songwriter Brittany Howard (she’s my celebrity idol, so naturally I had to add her on here). Amp up your looks by including dainty yellow gold bands or chic earrings!





What were your favorite 2020 GRAMMY jewelry trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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Explore These 6 Gemstone Selections for Colorful Engagement Rings

Gemstone Selections for Colorful Engagement Rings Blog Header

As more couples select gemstone centers, they reflect the current trend to individualize their rings. Choices can be based on the bride’s or groom’s birthstone, her favorite colored gemstone, or a gemstone that holds particular meaning. Offer these popular gemstones as alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring.


Here are our top gemstone selections for colorful engagement rings.

Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings

For thousands of years, royalty and the wealthy have coveted Ruby. Its mesmerizing hue inspires passion, love, courage, and devotion which makes it ideal. What better choice for a bride?

Alternate Gemstones:

Bridal with Pink Tourmaline Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline is believed to enhance awareness, love, and compassion — all valuable qualities for marriage and life.

Alternate Gemstones:

Aquamarine Bridal Gemstone Center Stones

Named for the waters of Antiquity, Aquamarine exerts a powerful allure. Like a clear sky on a summer day, its pale blue hue promotes calm, enhances spirituality, and stimulates mental clarity. This gem appeals to many couples.

Alternate Gemstones:

Morganite Gemstone Bridal Center Stones

This gorgeous pale pink to peachy pink beryl attracts many brides-to-be. In smaller sizes, morganite is delicate and feminine. In larger sizes, it has a richly hued, sophistication. It stimulates calm, brings wisdom, and adds purpose to our lives.

Alternate Gemstones:

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Rings

Sapphire’s breathtaking blues have captured our imagination and inspired designs. Ancient lore tells us that blue sapphire inspires faithfulness, fidelity, inner peace, wisdom, and insight — all of which make it a bridal favorite.

Alternate Gemstones:

Emerald Gemstone Engagement Center Stones

The name Emerald comes from the Sanskrit word, marakata, meaning “the green of growing.” This gorgeous gem symbolizes vitality, honesty, and fidelity making it the perfect choice for marriage.

Alternate Gemstones:


Don’t Forget About Gemstone Care

Remind your customers to be gentle with gemstones. Avoid exposure to heat, contact with chemicals, and exposure to harsh blows. To clean, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner for Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you feel about these gemstone selections for colorful engagement rings? Let us know in the comments below!

Gemstone Engagements For the Next Generation

Gemstone Engagements Header

Diamonds are rare, beautiful and, yes, forever. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But gemstone engagements are making a splash among Millennial buyers. Remember that recently the DPA ran its “Real is Rare” campaign? It aimed at rekindling the diamond romance with younger customers. Since the Millennial group is the largest generation in our nation’s history, it’s advantageous to understand what drives this sweeping customer base. So the question remains: Are Millennials attracted to gemstone engagements because of their uniqueness or affordability? Well, the short answer is both!

Gemstone engagements stray from conventional norms and offer individual expression for younger audiences. Their bursts of color grant wearers freedom from the traditional look and communicate uniqueness. Also, many gemstones have a lower price point, attracting frugal Millennials who opt to allocate their money elsewhere. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, with gemstone popularity on the rise, certain stones can rival diamonds in price per carat.

After reviewing the numbers, we’ve isolated our bestselling stones for gemstone engagements. Be sure to stock these in your store

Morganite + Rose Gold: A Romantic Combination • 123387

Gemstone Engagements Rose Gold Halo Oval Morganite Ring Gemstone Engagements Rose Gold Halo Oval Morganite Ring

A diamond halo encircles this rosy Morganite. The heart-accented gallery and rose gold sheen makes for a very romantic union. Plus, our current blog poll located on the right sidebar, places Morganite in an overwhelming lead as the most popular springtime gemstone.

Classic French-Set Blue Sapphire • 123260

Gemstone Engagements Gold Round Blue Sapphire Ring Gemstone Engagements Gold Round Blue Sapphire Ring

Sizable diamonds adorn this blue sapphire, exemplifying traditional diamond accents coupled with a colorful contemporary center. The burnished yellow gold richly complements the velvety blue sapphire.

Vintage-Inspired Ruby Ring • 123236

Gemstone Engagement Rose Gold Vintage Ruby Ring Gemstone Engagement Rose Gold Vintage Ruby Ring

This vintage-inspired ring unites this luxurious ruby — eternal symbol of passion — with the refined art-deco style. These enduring elements mix well with the trendy diamond halo and rose gold metal choice.

Emerald with Classic Baguette Accents • 122884

Gemstone Engagements White Gold Halo Emerald Baguette Ring Gemstone Engagements White Gold Halo Emerald Baguette Ring

Here’s another twist on old meets new: a modern halo-style design with classic baguette accents adorning a striking emerald center. The gallery’s negative space also adds a futuristic dimension.

Yellow Sapphire on Yellow Gold • 123249

Gemstone Engagement Bypass Halo Yellow Sapphire Ring Gemstone Engagement Bypass Halo Yellow Sapphire Ring

This bypass design features an interwoven halo that draws the eye to the center stone. The yellow sapphire and yellow gold combination offers a trendy look we see in gemstone engagements.

Aquamarine with Geometric Shank • 122112

Gemstone Engagements White Gold Aquamarine Oval Ring Gemstone Engagements White Gold Aquamarine Oval Ring

Simple and focused, this geometric shank with diamond accents directs attention to the aquamarine center stone held with pronounced white gold prongs.

How are gemstone engagement rings received in your area? What are your bestselling styles geared toward Millennials? Let us know in the comments below! Here are a few suggestions if you’d rather make a classic statement with a trendy twist.

Sell With a Story: Historic Emeralds

Emerald Gemstones Sell Story Header

Historic Emeralds

Let’s jump right in with the story of a 400-year old emerald that has a fascinating modern twist. Travel back in time to 1622 on the route from South America to Mexico, all territory that was under Spanish rule.

Accompanied by many guards, a long train of mules moved doggedly forward burdened with gold, silver, jewels and more. The journey took longer than expected and when they finally reach the port city of Veracruz, the immense treasure required a full two months to catalog and load onto 28 galleons destined for Spain. Nuestra Senora de Atocha — called Atocha — was the largest and grandest of these ships. Her load included many tons of gold, silver, and emeralds.

It was August that the galleons finally left for a quick stop in Havana before returning to Spain. More delays kept them there. When the ships set to sea September 4, 1622, the captain knew only too well that at this time of year, severe storms were a possibility. Two days later, just south of the Florida Keys, the fleet encountered a hurricane. Wind stripped the Atocha’s sails then a wave smashed her against a reef breaking open her hull. The treasure sank to the bottom, followed soon after by the ship and all her occupants.

For years afterward, the Spanish Crown tried to recover the treasure and failed. Through the centuries, the story of the Atocha ‘s precious cargo passed from generation to generation.


The Atocha Star

In 1969, Mel Fisher and his partners began searching for the Atocha ruins. It took 16 long years, but on July 20, 1985, miraculously their commitment paid off. They made the Guinness Book of World Records by salvaging 40 tons of gold and thousands of Muzo emeralds, the finest to come out of Columbia. One of these was a 1AA emerald of excellent color and clarity, weighing 25.87 carats. In 1992, Mel gave this one to his wife Deo. When cut, it yielded a 12.72 emerald. Five years later, Mel died of cancer.

In 2008, Deo was dying of cancer and she donated the Atocha Star to raise money for cancer research. It found a remarkable home set in a solid gold eagle with a diamond-encrusted head. This statue required 18lbs of solid gold, 56 carats of diamonds and the Atocha Star valued between $3 million and $5 million.

It served as the prize for a global treasure hunt based on a book. The book’s royalties were to go towards cancer research. Sadly, book sales and the treasure hunt accomplished little and, in 2016, the eagle was stolen under questionable circumstances. I’ll leave that story for another day.


Historic Emeralds Golden Eagle

The Atocha Star Emerald • Source


The Chalk Emerald

With superb clarity and deep green color, the 37.82-carat Chalk Emerald ranks among the finest Colombian historic emeralds. It formed the centerpiece of an emerald and diamond necklace owned by the Maharani of the former state of Baroda in India. In the 20th century, Harry Winston bought and set it in a ring purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Roy O. Chalk. In 1972, they donated it to the Smithsonian. The surrounding pear-shaped diamonds weigh 15 carats.

Historic Emeralds The Chalk Emerald

The Chalk Emerald – Source


The Hooker Emerald

Extracted from an unidentified Colombian mine in the 16th or 17th century, Spanish Conquistadors sent the rough emerald to Europe for cutting and polishing. It was sold to the rulers of the Ottoman Empire and became part of the crown jewels. In 1908, with a smuggled it to Paris. Later, Tiffany & Co bought the 75.47 carat emerald at auction and set it in a tiara.

In 1950, Tiffany reset the stone in a platinum brooch surrounded with 109 round brilliant cut diamonds and 20 baguette diamonds for a total weight of 13 carats. Philanthropist Janet Annenberg Hooker purchased it in 1955. In 1977, she donated the brooch to the Smithsonian and they named it for her. The Hooker Emerald Brooch has been on display since 2010.

historic emeralds the hooker emerald

The Hooker Emerald – Source



The Mughal Emerald

Originally mined in Columbia, the 217.8 carat Mughal Emerald is one the largest known historic emeralds. Its elaborate decoration makes it extraordinary. One side features Shi’a invocations engraved in an elegant script that includes the date 1107 A.H. (1695-1696 AD). The date is just one of many aspects that make the Mughal Emerald unique. The reverse side has a carved floral design that features poppies. The beveled edges bear a carved pattern. As of 2008, the Mughal Emerald found a home in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

historic emeralds the mughal emerald

The Mughal Emerald – Source


What are your favorite historic emeralds? Share pictures in the comments below. Read more about emerald history and lore HERE!

Pair Pantone® With Timely Transitions

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Perhaps you’re someone who is always up before dawn. With breakfast made, you’ve even managed a quick workout to get your blood pumping. For you, early mornings give you a head start on the rest of the world. Doesn’t the early bird get the worm? Of course, they offer the opportunity to work in peace with kids still sleeping or before your business opens. As you enjoy your morning coffee, you watch the sunrise and take in the enchanting view of daybreak.

Or maybe you’re most productive when your doors close and everyone’s gone. Undistracted, you can concentrate and get your work done. When you finally call it a day, you admire dusk’s dazzling colors on your drive home and reflect on what you accomplished.

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, adds vibrancy to both sunrise and sunset palettes. You can see it looking at Pantone’s Transitions palette. This Greenery-inspired spectrum features subtle pastels, brights, and deep neutrals. Aptly named, the Transitions palette reflects the shifts between night and day.

Transitions Sunset Sunrise Pantone Palette Landscape

The landscape shows the sun gently hovering above a distant hillside. It’s uncertain whether it’s from sunrise or sunset. Nevertheless, the shifting colors offer a spectacular yet fleeting beauty. You see each shade from Pantone’s Transitions palette in this picturesque panorama. Likewise, we’ve matched gemstones that pair perfectly with it. These stones provide an energetic morning boost or calm evening meditation.

Stones to Start the Day


Transitions Calypso Coral Color Swatch Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire

Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire exhibits strength and exuberance with a sparkling burst of coral brilliance. The gem’s unconventional color exudes a warmth that brings a healthy glow to the complexion. This beauty makes it a perfect pick to begin the day!


Transitions Twilight Purple Color Swatch Pantone Tanzanite


Tanzanite’s deep intensity is sure to enliven any ensemble. Sunlight reveals its exotical splendor — a vibrant blue-purple with a uniquely sensual appeal.


Transitions Treetop Color Swatch Pantone Emerald


Awesomely lush Emerald takes a seat at the table of most enchanting jewels. It pulses with vitality. The hue of treetops, Emerald enjoys year-round appeal and will perfectly accompany any morning.


Transitions Rose Quartz Color Swatch Morganite


Delicately pink Morganite creates an ideally feminine charm. The stone imparts a calming influence on those who wear it, reflecting the happier aspects of life. What better way to rise and shine than with this rose-colored beauty?


Gems to Let Loose

Transitions Orion Blue Color Swatch Pantone Iolite


Iolite’s indigo hue suggests tranquility and rejuvenation. Its unique color-shifting property — ranging from dark violet blue to pale blue to pale yellow — adds a compelling dimension that makes it perfect for eveningwear.


Transitions Nimbus Clous Color Swatch Pantone Moonstone


As its name suggests, Moonstone seems to glow with the light of the moon. Its milky translucence changes with every movement, an ever-shifting play of light and shadow creating a mysterious allure. Rival the moon with this ethereal stone.


Transitions Greenery Color Swatch Pantone Peridot


Peridot most fully expresses Greenery. Did you know the Romans named the gem Evening Emerald? Its brilliant color didn’t fade in lamplight glowing in the evening hours. Partly for this reason, Peridot was believed to help dreams become a reality and drive away the evil spirits of the night.


Transitions Serenity Color Swatch Pantone Chalcedony


Softly translucent, Chalcedony’s lavender hues evoke images of a calm sea or the gentle purple shades of dusk. At dusk, its muted serene shade lures you into relaxation as your daily woes drift away.



Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have any late-night or early morning rituals? How do you wear Pantone’s Color of the Year, day or night? Share how you pair in the comments below!

Here’s a list of gemstone stories that is sure to keep you reading from sunup to sundown.

Good Looks From the Golden Globes

Golden Globes Trends Blog Header

Last night, the 74th Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, broadcasted live from Beverly Hills and was viewed by an audience of over 20 million. The first big award show of the year featured an abundance of A-List celebrities flaunting beautiful gowns, stylish hair and makeup and of course, ravishing jewelry.

Our favorite looks came from Brie Larson, Lily Collins and Maisie Williams. We noticed trends of sparkling dresses, embellished capped sleeves and plaid tuxes from the men, just to name a few. Last night’s show previewed some of the year’s hottest trends and gave many cues of what to stock in your showcases. Here are a couple of notable looks we absolutely love:


Pretty in Pink

Pink was prominent on the red carpet this year. It appeared again and again in designs as different as perky pink ruffles and elegantly draped fabrics. We loved Chrissy Teigen’s chandelier earrings and felt these gemstone cluster earrings were a perfect compliment to her look. These pink pearl drop earrings also mirror those worn by Felicity Jones.

Curvy Ear Climbers

Did you see Naomie Harris’ ear climbers? They were hard to miss, running the length of her ears, shimmering with leafy accents. Following the trend, Regina King’s full-length climbers made soft curves as they shone in the spotlight.

Classic Pearls

Though considered a “safe” jewelry choice, classic pearls all but scream elegance and grace. Sienna Miller’s fabulous ensemble featured a strand of pearls, pearl bracelets and a ring to match. Carrie Underwood’s pearl drop earrings modestly adorned her warm, bright smile.

Teardrops of Joy

The teardrop green quartz earrings featured below, replicate Mandy Moore’s eye-catching kunzite adornments. Jessica Biel’s teardrop earrings also stood out from the crowd. Here are our takes on her textured teardrop earrings with a necklace pendant to match.

Trendy Hoops

National Jeweler said that hoops are the trend that will take us into 2017 and so far, their prediction proves true. Kristen Bell, one of the night’s best dressed, rocked a pair of diamond triple hoop earrings. Likewise, Viola Davis in her candy yellow gown wore diamond hoops similar to those shown below.

Timeless Emeralds

Bold emeralds have emerged as a red carpet mainstay with their timeless appeal and versatility. Jaimie Alexander paired her emerald and black dress with show-stopping emerald studs. Gina Rodrigue wore navy while Laverne Cox donned all white, both chose elegant emerald accents.


Who do you think was best-dressed last night? What were your favorite trends from the ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!