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The Genuine Ruby Journey of Swarovski Gemstones™

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How Swarovski sources and shapes one of the ultimate love tokens

 Stuller proudly partners with Swarovski Gemstones™ to offer high-quality genuine rubies rich in color and cut to perfection


Rubies have always been associated with intense emotions – of passion and power, but also beauty and wisdom going right back to biblical times. In ancient Sanskrit, the ruby is ratnaraj, or ‘king of precious stones,’ and the name ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin ‘ruber; – or red. Prized by both warriors and kings throughout the ages, these gemstones continue to represent the perfect symbol of passion and romance.

Nature shapes the ruby deep in the earth’s crust over millions of years, subjecting a distinct combination of aluminum, oxygen, and chromium to intense heat and pressure to become part of the corundum mineral family. It is our job to source the finest examples from where they originate, today primarily in Eastern Africa, Madagascar, Myanmar and Vietnam, and to transform them from rough rubies to brilliant gemstones.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Rough Rock


Ruby Magic From Raw Material

Rubies are rare. Some 500kg of rough mined ore is likely to yield only a few grams of gemstones suitable to cut, polish and transform into a beautiful piece of jewelry. This raw material arrives at Swarovski’s production facilities in lots. Our specialists take and analyze samples determining quality, sizes, and colors of potential gemstones. The rarity of the stone increases according to its size.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Rough Stones


Gemstone Geometry – A Job For The Experts

Then it’s all about discovering the angles, and that is a job for our experts. We evaluate each raw stone to determine its optical axis because the first facet, which becomes the ‘table’ of the cut stone, must be cut at exactly 90 degrees to the optical axis. Why is this important? This guarantees each stone has perfect, homogenous color and no blind spots. This so-called ‘preforming’ process is beyond a machine, strictly carried out by Swarovski’s highly skilled experts. Specialized machines then handle the next step, the calibration, which outlines the stone’s final shape.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Gemstones Preform Cut


Unleashing The Brilliance of Swarovski Genuine Rubies

Swarovski has been perfecting the art of precision cutting for more than 120 years, and today we use that rich experience, and state-of-the-art technology, to cut our rubies. During this exacting process, we pride ourselves in achieving consistent proportions and exact facet geometry. Our gemstones are then sorted exactly according to color because we understand that jewelers working with our stones depend on quality and color consistency. We take rough rubies and transform them into intensely brilliant Swarovski Genuine Rubies of superb color. That’s our goal. We want it to become part of a piece of jewelry that is loved, and perhaps so prized, that it will be handed down through generations.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Precision Cut


From Gemstones to Jewelry 

Swarovski Genuine Rubies are now ready to be transformed into beautiful jewelry and to realize the creative vision of today’s designers. Through this process, we know we have taken what nature has gifted to us and transformed it into a gem of mystery and beauty. We want rubies to be as symbolically potent today as they have been through the centuries. And yes, we also want them to remain that enduring symbol of love.

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Dr. Michael Schlamadinger

I've been with Swarovski since 1995 • Currently responsible for the procurement of gem materials at Swarovski • Trained mineralogist and gemologist now specializing in sustainability • Father of 2 beautiful daughters • I'm an avid skydiver! • I hate the winter and love the summer, which can be challenging living in Austria!