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Dr. Michael Schlamadinger
Swarovski Gemstones
I've been with Swarovski since 1995 • Currently responsible for the procurement of gem materials at Swarovski • Trained mineralogist and gemologist now specializing in sustainability • Father of 2 beautiful daughters • I'm an avid skydiver! • I hate the winter and love the summer, which can be challenging living in Austria!

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Stuller Blog Swarovski Conscious Luxury Topaz

Swarovski Gemstones Presents: Conscious Luxury

Discover the Swarovski approach to business that respects people and the planet

We are now experiencing a new era of awareness. Reaching across societal and geographic borders, we recognize the need to protect the environment and conserve water, and when we buy things, we also think about where they come from. Answering Consumer Demands The question of responsible practices might have once been read more…

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The Genuine Ruby Journey of Swarovski Gemstones™

How Swarovski sources and shapes one of the ultimate love tokens

 Stuller proudly partners with Swarovski Gemstones™ to offer high-quality genuine rubies rich in color and cut to perfection   Rubies have always been associated with intense emotions – of passion and power, but also beauty and wisdom going right back to biblical times. In ancient Sanskrit, the ruby is ratnaraj, read more…