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Roses are red…then gold

Offer your customers something that’s always in bloom

Ever since I could remember, I’ve loved gardening. Being outside on spring days, having my hands in dirt, and growing things have made me so happy. My grandparents grew figs, pecans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Some of my fondest memories come from walking around their yard early in the morning and filling up buckets of all these edible delights! Of course, as a child, cleaning and preserving all these picks weren’t as fun, but I knew that after that we were ready to make things! Fig jam, pralines, tomato sauces (I’m Sicilian, so this was something I paid special attention to), and pickles!

At my own house today, the tradition still carries on. Only instead of figs and tomatoes, I have an obsession with roses! I currently have two rose beds that contain hot pink and yellow long-stem roses. My other bed contains light-pink spray roses. (I also have a climbing rose bush, but it’s not doing too well. I don’t want to talk about it. It makes me so sad! Any tips?)

I baby them all year, and right about this time of year I check the new buds every morning! I use them everywhere in my home, arranging them in any container I can find.

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Perhaps that’s why when I began my position at Stuller and discovered dipped 24 karat roses, I thought, “A fake rose. Hrmph. Who wouldn’t want the real thing?!” I have to admit, I was ready to dismiss them.

Then, I learned THEY ARE REAL ROSES!!! A very real rose from the earth that is preserved and accented with precious metal! Sure enough, when I looked closely at the rose I saw the veins of the petals the thorns on the stem and immediately.

It’s all done by hand! And it actually takes 40 steps. Each rose is handpicked, similar to the ones on my kitchen table. Then it’s disassembled very carefully so as to not damage any part of the flower. Each part of the rose is lacquered and accented in 24 karat gold. After accenting, the rose is carefully put back together. Each rose is different, and sometimes you can even find a little dew drop imprint on the petals! They all come in a beautiful gold long-stem rose box.

Additionally, did you know that different rose colors have special meanings? Learn about the most common ones here.

As a nature lover, this real gift from the earth that’s made with such attention to detail stole my heart.

So why would a jeweler want to carry these in the store? If the obvious beautiful story behind them didn’t sway you, think about these roses as a sentimental addition to any purchase. To learn more about what we have to offer and to see our entire line click here, check out some of the offerings below.

Keep a dozen on your counter and offer your customer a gift of nature that is accompanied by a beautiful story.

When’s the first time you remember receiving or giving a rose? What did it mean to you?


Emily Graffagnino

Senior Director of Fine Jewelry

I've been with Stuller since 2010 • Spending time in my rose beds makes me happy • I sing Don Williams songs too often and probably too loud • Every gift needs a bow • When in doubt, channel your inner Gene Kranz. "Work the problem, expect to succeed."