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Pinterest Strategy: Back to the Basics


Tips on how to get your business started on Pinterest

Over the past few months, I’ve written about different tips, tricks, and strategies for social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. However, one of the larger social platforms doesn’t get much love when there’s talk of social media marketing, and I’m here to change that! Pinterest is a “visual discovery engine” for, well, pretty much anything! You can search all types of content on Pinterest, some of the more popular searches being recipes, workouts, travel dreams, and wedding planning.

And here’s a little fun fact for you: did you know that Pinterest is the number two driver of traffic to, right behind Facebook? Basically, more people click on links that bring them to from Pinterest as opposed to Instagram. Pretty cool, right? And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, check out this cool infographic about Pinterest discovery habits here (and read the full write-up about Pinterest Statistics in 2020 here):


Time to get started. Let’s talk about a Pinterest strategy!

Make a Pinterest Business Account

It’s important to be sure you have a business account for your Pinterest so you have access to analytics. Make sure when you are creating your profile, you adhere to all of your brand standards. Upload your logo as a profile image, make sure your business’s name is listed, and fill out your bio (think of it as an About Me for your business).

Remember, this page will act as a middleman from your product to your business, so be sure to sell yourself as best as you can on your profile!


Determine Board Ideas and Pins for Each Board

 Think of Pinterest as a time to get creative! Create boards with an overarching them, such as “sterling silver jewelry”, “engagement rings”, or “Mother’s Day gifts”. Fill these boards with appropriate products from your ecommerce website (download the Pinterest Chrome extension for the most efficient uploading experience, watch this informative video here) and even sprinkle in some inspiration pins or photography that helps stretch the content! When creating a pin from a product from your site, you can edit the title and description of that pin to better describe it to those searching for it (fit as many keywords in as you can!). You can also put a link in the pin that brings someone straight to your product page when they click on the photo.

Stuller has about 16 Pinterest boards, but take a look at our two featured boards (boards that pop up first when you visit our Pinterest profile):


Happy Birthday is a board with multiple sections (one per month) where we feature birthstone jewelry, sprinkled with beauty shots of the corresponding birthstone, and even facts about the stones! Pretty in Platinum is a board all about platinum bridal designs, with some beauties and infographics that I’ve found from others’ boards on Pinterest.

Put 1 and 2 together and… bam! You’ve got yourself a good Pinterest strategy for starting out. While the Pinterest algorithm is a lot different than Instagram and Facebook, it benefits you to have the most products out in the Pinterestverse as possible. So, get posting!

Do you market your business on Pinterest? Let me know some of your strategies below!


Hannah Blaine

Former Social Media Specialist