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How to Sell Fine Jewelry Online in a Digital World

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Learn the basics to establish your digital marketing plan.

Billboards. Television advertisements. Radio commercials. Newspaper callouts. We have all been influenced in some way by advertising to discover new businesses. But the world of marketing is changing, and we are being reached even more directly through digital media. From research to purchase, the buyer journey can be summarized by what marketers call the Marketing Funnel. Here we will cover how you can reach customers at every part of the marketing funnel so that your jewelry business can remain relevant and top-of-mind in this digital age. 

What is a Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is a term loosely used to describe the journey a customer takes through their buying journey, and how that relates to your business. From researching a product to becoming entangled in your business, the marketing funnel covers the entire journey.  

marketing funnel

Here we’ve created a digital marketing plan designed to capture customers at every stage in the marketing funnel to drive more sales and loyal customers to your business. 

Read below to see a personal example of how I was captured by a local business at every part of the marketing funnel. 

Awareness – I was intrigued by the idea of buying a kayak, so I started researching which kayak is right for me, and who was best to buy from. I found several places that sold kayaks, but a local outdoors shop called Pack & Paddle stood out because of their educational staff, demo days, and guided kayaking tours. 

Consideration & Conversion – When I decided on the kind of kayak I wanted, I had to decide where to buy it from. In the running were Academy, Field and Stream, and of course Pack & Paddle. I ultimately decided on Pack & Paddle. A helpful and knowledgeable staff made all the difference in my decision.  

Loyalty – After buying my first kayak from Pack & Paddle, they excelled in customer support by giving me discounts and installing my new kayak gear for free. I have always recommended people to their store when looking for kayaking and hiking gear. I am an advocate! When I decided to buy a second boat, Pack & Paddle was my first and only choice for that purchase. I am entangled!

You might be thinking: Wow this guy is a little biased towards Pack & Paddle. Well that’s the point! The goal is to turn your customer into a promoter of your business. Here I am being a promotor because of their exceptionally curated experience throughout the entire marketing funnel. 

The marketing funnel can be broken up into four parts.


Determine what attracts your customers. Make them aware of your business and products and services you offer. Constant messages through Google AdWords, social media, and other digital marketing platforms can help saturate potential customers with your brand and messaging. Make yourself stand out against the rest. Most customers will begin researching several months before making their purchase. By remaining top-of-mind during this buying process, you are more likely to move those candidates in to the Consideration stage of the buying process.


When customers begin researching for their purchase, there is an opportunity to bring yourself to the top of their mind. This is where it pays off to have a well-rounded internet presence. 

Below is an example of a google search results page for the search phrase “buy diamond stud earrings”. There are 3 different types of search results shown here: Google Search Ads, Organic Results, and Google Shopping Ads. To have a well-rounded web presence, you should aim to have some clout in each of these spots.

google analytics

Google Search Ads are paid search results that appear at the top of Google search before the organic results. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your business shows up at the top of results when your customers are searching for your products or services. Utilize Google AdWords Search when you want to propel yourself above your competition. Follow this quick guide to set up your first AdWords Search Campaign. 

Organic Search Results can be achieved with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website through content marketing. For this example, it would help if a page on your website or blog talked about diamond stud earrings and helped users find that kind of product. If you don’t have content on your website about diamond stud earrings, your website will not appear in search results for that topic. For more information on how to achieve good Search Engine Optimization for your website, read our recent blog. 

Google Shopping Ads can be created and managed through Google Merchant Center. These ads show previews of your products on Google search result pages. Send these instructions to your digital marketing team to set up your Google Merchant Center product feeds. 

By investing in Google search ads, your website’s search engine optimization, and shopping ads, your business is better positioned to appear in search results as a credible source. For this example, you would need to start with a well-optimized page on your website with keywords that cater to the “buy diamond stud earrings” search term, a Google AdWords campaign that links to that page, and a Google shopping campaign listing those products on your website. 


When a customer is ready to make a purchase, they will begin to consider who they want to buy their product or service from. If you’ve sufficiently captured them during the awareness stage, you will hopefully be a top-of-mind candidate. At this point you’ll need to make sure it’s extremely easy for them to reach out to you so you can have the opportunity to earn their business. A short and easy lead form on your website, a newsletter signup, educational material, or highlighting the unique features of your business can have a large impact on customers deciding if they want to purchase from you. This is a prime opportunity to sell the perks of choosing your business. Special warranties, customer service, ethical sourcing certifications, and business awards should all be proudly displayed at this point in the funnel. 


Email Marketing – When your customer visits your website, provide the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter or email updates. Email marketing is yet another avenue to remain top-of-mind. I recommend Mailchimp as a quick and easy way to get started with email marketing. Mailchimp has lots of free integrations with most major website content management systems to allow you to easily create signup forms and email templates. 

Social Media Marketing – Your website should provide links to all your social media accounts to give customers the opportunity to follow you. Social media is an excellent tool to push your brand to customers in their free time while they’re browsing social media posts. Remember to engage with your followers, respond to comments, and continue conversations using direct messages. For tips and tricks to enhance your social media presence, read our blog posts made by the Stuller social media team. 

Blogs & Educational Content – Not only are blog posts and other pieces of educational content on your website good for SEO, but they also help to build trust and authority among prospective clients. Be sure your website features fresh and up-to-date content through these pages. Then, share them on your social media platforms and in your email newsletters. 

Use multiple avenues of content marketing to build trust, establish authority, and maintain regular communication with your potential customers. 


Now that the customer is ready to make their purchase and has chosen you as the vendor for their purchase, the next part of the funnel is to minimize the steps to making that purchase. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for them, so you leave a lasting positive impression. This will encourage them to feel at ease when returning to you for future purchases. 


To provide a positive shopping experience, look at how easy it is to complete a purchase both online and in your store. How many clicks does it take to complete a transaction? How long does a customer have to wait to receive their order? How helpful are sales associates involved in the process? These are questions you’ll want to ask yourself. It is important to prioritize making this process as seamless and simple as possible. 


Even though your customer has made their purchase, your journey with them is not complete. Every transaction with a customer is an opportunity for future business. Think of a brand or store that has made a lasting impression on you. What kept that business in your mind? What made you return? With every customer interaction, the primary goal is to turn them into your biggest promoter. 


Continued customer support is a great way to remind your customers that you’re worth a revisit later down the line. Offer your customers a free jewelry cleaning every 6 months after a purchase. Call the customer the following week to see how they like their purchase. Invite customers to exclusive events and provide special pricing. Small actions like these can go a long way toward establishing loyalty among repeat customers. 

Next Steps

Now that you have a better understanding of the marketing funnel, think of how your business can interact with your customers at every stage in the buying process. With your own business in mind, how do you reach customers who have just started their research? How do you keep your business top-of-mind? How do you stand out among your competitors? How do you build lasting relationships with your purchasing customers?  

With these tools and tactics, develop a digital marketing plan that helps you connect with potential customers and build lasting relationships for the future. 


Hunter Trahan

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Hunter is an experienced digital marketing, content writing, and data analysis professional with certifications for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and SEMRush. He uses his passion for digital marketing and analytical skills to craft successful strategies that benefit both Stuller and our customers.