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The Social Survey: Here are the Top 5 Halloween Costume Jewelry Accessories This Year

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Learn what everyone will be wearing this year and how you can help!

It is officially the BEST time of year. The leaves are changing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, flannel is acceptable work attire, and best of all, it’s less than 95 degrees at Stuller’s Lafayette, Louisiana headquarters. Ahhhh. That sweet, fleeting moment of fall where no one is talking about the bustle of Christmas . . . yet.

That’s right. IT’S SPOOKY SEASON, Y’ALL!


Halloween is less than two weeks out. That means it’s crunch time for those planning their costumes for Halloween parties and such. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with my jewelry business? Glad you asked. Let me clue you in.

GONE are the days of buying costumes in a bag. Today’s Halloween enthusiasts go all out. I’m talking clothes, makeup, hair, props, and ACCESSORIES. Yeah, you know a thing or two about those.

Pinterest and Lyst recently released their predictions for the top Halloween costumes we’ll see this year. With their help (and a little digging of our own in the social space), we’ve boiled down five of the most anticipated costumes, along with the top Halloween costume jewelry trends this year.

Black Panther Costumes

According to the report, searches for Wakandan costume inspiration are up 504% in preparation for Halloween. In order to pull off this iconic look, you’ll need a men’s ring handed down to you by your royal father and a spiked vibranium necklace. We may not have regal heirlooms or the strongest substance in the universe, but a nice signet ring and white gold spikes make the perfect Black Panther Halloween costume jewelry idea!

A Unicorn Costume

A quick search of #UnicornCostume on Instagram will serve up 22,768 results (and counting!) So it seems our mythical, horned friends will make a huge appearance on Halloween night. The question is, how does one accessorize a costume made up of sparkles and rainbows? With more sparkles and rainbows, of course. Here are the latest colorful jewelry options to support this year’s unicorn Halloween costume jewelry trend.

Riverdale Characters

Pinterest saves for Riverdale costume ideas have jumped 316% this year, with Betty and Jughead amongst the most-pinned characters. That means one thing: if you’re dressing up as Jughead Jones this year, there’ll be lots of competition. Stand out in the sea of beanies and angst with some Southside Serpent inspired rings.

Mermaid Costume

Mermaid makeup search results on Youtube are never-ending. I’m not kidding. Whether you plan on being the classic Ariel or a creepy half-human-half-mermaid creature, it’ll take more than just a little makeup to complete the look. May I recommend aquamarine Halloween costume jewelry to complement this idea? How about a combination of blue-toned gems?

90s Icons

Last, but certainly not least (I’m a 90s baby, so I’m biased), “Millennial nostalgia has driven a 110% increase in Pins for 90s costume ideas this year,” the 2018 Pinfrights report says. Some of the suggestions in this category include Spooky Spice Girl or Zombie Backstreet Boy. Either way, I’m here for it! And we’ve got all the diamond hoops and chunky chokers you need.

Keep up with the community

And that’s a wrap! Not only on our 2018 Halloween costume jewelry trends analysis but also on yet another example of how social media data can inspire your seasonal marketing promotions. My advice? Keep up with those popular sections and pay attention to trends within your social communities! Joining the right conversations is how you create selling conversions.

Signing off! I hope my social media tricks help you sell some treats during this Spooky Season.



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