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Everything to Never Forget: Valentine’s Day 2021

Celebrate the season of love with these three big jewelry trends

Despite last year feeling like it was put on fast forward and everything in our lives changed at triple speed, one thing hasn’t changed: our collective desire to show, share, and celebrate love. And what better way to do that than with beautiful jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

From on-trend looks to classic styles that transcend time, Stuller is your partner for the designated day of love. For your customers, this celebration should be memorable and beautiful. For you, it should be effortless.

Huggies and Kisses

Huggies make for a sweet and stylish Valentine’s Day gift. We offer them in a range of metal qualities, sizes, and styles, including these ultra-popular huggies that feature a dangling letter:

Shop Now: 87230:1162:P, 87230:1099:P

Combining the personalization trend with huggies? We love it — and so do shoppers!

Stacked With Affection

A set of stackable rings is a gift your customers will treasure forever, and we’re proud to stock a selection that hits on all the classic looks and major trends. 

Shop Now: 651921:60001:P, 651965:60001:P, 652400:60001:P, 51574:102:P, 52300:102:P

Whether your customers are celebrating a new milestone together or just another great Valentine’s Day with the one they love most, there’s a stylish stackable for everyone.

I + U = <3

Personalization remains as popular as ever, but it’s taken on a new meaning and level of importance in the past year as individuals seek things that are comfortable and familiar. With initials, birthstones, and hearts, you can help couples tell their love story in a meaningful, heartfelt way.

Shop Now: 124545:101:P, 52256:104:P

Cutoff Dates

Custom imprinting is a great way to leave a lasting impression with each customer. If you’re interested in this service, keep in mind a few points: 

  • Our lead time is 15–20 business days for repeat custom imprinting customers.
  • There is an additional wait of seven business days for new customers to get samples. The standard lead time starts upon approval of the samples.
  • These times exclude custom-imprinted jewelry cleaner, cloths, euro totes, and kraft totes.

Our cutoff dates for personalized jewelry are as follows:

  • Monogram: January 31, 2021
  • Engraving and Stone Setting: February 3, 2021
  • Engraving Only: February 8, 2021

You can shop the full Valentine’s Day assortment online or view our interactive Valentine’s Day gift guideEverything to Never Forget.

Next-Day Delivery

This year’s big day falls on a Sunday, so the importance of getting your shopping done early is heavier. But with our next-day delivery on a massive in-stock inventory, we’ll make sure you have what you need just in time for early and last-minute shoppers alike.

With Stuller by your side, you’ll easily and quickly get the perfect gift for each customer and their special someone.

Shopping tip: On product pages, click Ready to Ship to see only in-stock products.

Cheers to the season of love!


Alyson Keenze

Former Staff Writer