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Dare to be Dark with Disney Villain Inspired Jewelry

Disney Villain Inspired Jewelry

Stuller styles for those Disney evildoers you hate to love

We’re back again . . . and this time with a vengeance featuring Disney villain inspired jewelry.


There’s a chill in the air, pumpkin spice is literally everywhere, and Halloween is only days away. It’s the time of year where we celebrate all things fall and appreciate all things wicked. In honor of my favorite holiday (and due to the popularity of the original Enchanted Engagements post), we’re back again . . . and this time with a vengeance featuring Disney villain inspired jewelry.

That’s right. Today we’re commemorating the not-so-heroic members of classic Disney casts: the villains. So sit back, check out our most heinous accessories and dare to be dark this Halloween.


For the self-proclaimed Mistress of Evil, I’ve chosen a pair of diamond ear climbers and an onyx ring. My favorite Disney villain inspired jewelry item, the wavy design of the ear climbers mimics her iconic headwear. And with an accessory like this cocktail ring to show off, it’s no wonder she was so upset she didn’t get invited to the party.


This starring antagonist’s most noteworthy possession is his golden Cobra staff. Today I’ve donned him with a snake ring AND a bezel-set garnet ring, both set in gold. Because let’s be honest, when you’re drowning in stolen jewels, your ring stacking game is bound to be on point.


Though the Wicked Witch of the Sea usually rocks seashell inspired jewelry, everyone knows it’s with a flick of her tentacles that she invokes the real terror. I’ve assigned this ring and bangle combo to recall the havoc she wreaked on those poor unfortunate souls.

Captain Hook

As the leading pirate on the notorious Jolly Roger, Captain Hook must be two things: dapper AND undaunted by one measly crocodile. To reinforce that he’s the villain of this story (rather than the victim), I think this set of alligator skin cufflinks and matching pendant serve as proper inspiration.

Cruella de Vil

Perhaps the cruelest on this list, Cruella pursues glamour with no mercy. Not even for sweet little pups. This ruby and diamond line bracelet is nothing but a commodity in her sophisticated wardrobe, but the puppy pendant hangs around her neck as a reminder of what could have been.

Doc Facilier

Also known as The Shadow Man, this villain is from Disney’s modern version of The Princess and the Frog set in New Orleans. He’s a Nola man through and through so he wouldn’t be caught without this fleur-de-lis signet ring on his pinky finger. More importantly, though, is the talisman around his neck facilitating his vengeful voodoo.

Queen of Hearts

Heart jewelry is IN and the queen of any kingdom should be the epitome of style and fashion. If someone would have gifted the manic monarch with styles like these, I guarantee there would have been a whole lot less, “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.” Stuller jewelry tends to have that effect on even the vilest of villains.

I hope you’re inspired to visit the dark side and accessorize appropriately this Halloween. Even more so, I hope you’ve enjoyed our Disney villain inspired jewelry suggestions. Planning to show off your wicked ways on the 31st? Let us know down below!


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