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Choose, Change, Create: Eternity and Anniversary Bands

Give your customers more options when adding personal touches to their ring stacks.

These sparkling bands make perfect gifts, provide a tangible item to reflect on, and help mark special occasions. However, eternity and anniversary bands also offer the perfect opportunity for your customer to add a touch of personalized style to their everyday jewelry. Help your customers enhance their bridal stack or add to the current one with these eternity and anniversary bands.

With Stuller’s wide variety of 3C eternity and anniversary bands, your customers can take customization into their own hands by choosing the stone size, shape, and type, as well as the metal color of their ring. Perhaps your customers aren’t aware of the differences between the two? Let us break down the distinctions between these styles.

Know the Difference

An easy way to decipher the difference between a eternity and anniversary band is to look at the mounting.

Anniversary Bands

An anniversary band mounting will consist of three or more gemstones or diamonds and typically will be set in a channel or prong setting. The stones only partially encircle the ring, while the rest of the shank will be bare, also known as the sizing bar. This band option makes resizing achievable since the stones won’t be in the way on the lower half of the shank. Here are some of our bestselling 3C anniversary bands.

Eternity Bands

An eternity band is set with one or more continuous rows of diamonds or gemstones that encircle the band entirely. This ongoing display of stones symbolizes an everlasting love, just like the never-ending collection of beautiful gems. Because of the stone coverage, there is no sizing bar. So you will want to make sure the band is manufactured to the exact size needed since resizing the band is unavailable. Here are some of our bestselling 3C eternity bands.

Both options of bands make for quite an impression no matter which style you choose.

How Does 3C Work?

With the help of 3C designs, you can show your customers even more options beyond the case with the 3C experience on With the many 3C eternity and anniversary band styles available, the customization options are infinite. Easily change the center stone size, shape, gem type, and metal quality thanks to our large selection of flexible styles. Make changes to any style in real-time to see how a new element might look on a band right in front of your customer. The options are endless, and the variations in design combinations make the design process even more fun!

Why Are Customers Loving Them?

Other than their stunning beauty, there are a few reasons why your customers might be drawn to these similar-looking band styles.

Mark a Milestone

These bands are often used to signify a life achievement like an anniversary, a child’s birth, promotion, and any other accomplishment worth celebrating. Customers never need an excuse to add another gorgeous ring to their favorite ring stack.

Add Some Color

Some customers like to add a colorful array of gemstones instead of diamonds in their band of choice. With our wide selection of colorful gemstones, adding color to a ring stack can be effortless. Help your customers design a band with their children’s birthstones, a rainbow of vibrant color, or simply a band with their favorite color. The options of personalization are endless.

Enhance Their Bridal Stack

Another reason to purchase an eternity or anniversary band is to upgrade a wedding band. Your customer’s preferred jewelry style is constantly changing, so why not change up their bridal stack? Add a band to commemorate five years of marriage or get a band with another metal quality for a two-tone metal look. Their style is unique, and their bridal stack should be the same.

How to Show Them Off in Person

Entice your customers even further when shopping in-store by having these gorgeous bands on display. Our 32-Piece Stackable Anniversary Band Selling System (653122), Anniversary Band Selling System (653692), as well as our Eternity Band Selling System (653693) provides you with the ideal assortment of on-trend and classic accented styles. These selling systems allow your customers to play with these prototypes to decide how they want to add to their perfect ring stack or start a new one. Pick and choose which selling system works best for you and your display space. 

Adding an eternity or anniversary band to your customer’s ring stack is easy when you shop from our wide selection. Create a one-of-a-kind piece that’s special to them, and one that you’re proud of. Check out more of our 3C designs and see how else you can provide your customers the ability to design anything they want.

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Brittney Garrett

Product Manager, Bridal

Brittney holds a degree in Advertising and an MBA from the University of Louisiana along with multiple certifications from GIA. She combines her love for custom jewelry and industry trend research to propel the Stuller Bridal business forward.