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Doug Menefee
Former Vice President of Business Solutions
I joined Stuller in December 2016 • Ironically, my first company helped launch Stuller.com in 1997 • I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette • Recipient of an Air Medal for my service as Flight Medic during Desert Storm • Twice recognized by state Louisiana Governors as the Innovator of the Year • When I'm not on a computer, I'm fishing from my kayak in the marshes of Louisiana • Our Great Dane, Moose, has his own Facebook page (we don't talk about the cat)

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4 New CounterSketch Features to Boost Custom Design

Find out how the new CounterSketch update will benefit your business

Whether you’re a polished power-user or a starter to the software, the custom design capabilities using CounterSketch® are undeniable. And on July 11, 2017 all customers in good standing will receive a CounterSketch update with new features and functionalities. With significant changes to the software on the horizon, CounterSketch Academy will be available at no charge to existing customers read more…

Matrix Header

New Software and a Global Approach

Matrix 9.0 and Clayoo 2.5 software releases represent new ways to serve our customers

I joined Stuller as the Vice President of Business Solutions in December of 2016, focusing initially on our software products and teams. As part of my onboarding, I learned and observed the operation of the organization for 90 days without taking any action. During the first few weeks of what I read more…