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New Software and a Global Approach

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Matrix 9.0 and Clayoo 2.5 software releases represent new ways to serve our customers

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Doug Menefee, Vice President of Business Solutions

I joined Stuller as the Vice President of Business Solutions in December of 2016, focusing initially on our software products and teams. As part of my onboarding, I learned and observed the operation of the organization for 90 days without taking any action. During the first few weeks of what I affectionately called “purgatory,” I experienced the demands placed on Stuller by our loyal customer base, especially during the holiday season. It is truly a one-of-a-kind operation.

In parallel to Stuller fulfilling the needs of thousands of jewelry retailers and artisans, I started to learn about Gemvision in Davenport, Iowa and TDM Solutions in Barcelona, Spain, the software companies Stuller acquired. Throughout the first three months of my journey, I began to understand their history and products while noting emerging opportunities. As we continue to unify teams, we will build the best solutions for our users. Our roadmap calls for a tighter integration of CounterSketch®, Matrix®,, Clayoo®, and RhinoGold®. As is the case with most business acquisitions, bringing all of the companies together is easier said than done. But our mission is clear: to combine our talents across all locations.

Our unified team has members at these locations:

  • A small office in Bettendorf, Iowa
  • A larger office in Barcelona, Spain
  • Subject matter expertise in North Carolina
  • The main headquarters inside Stuller in Lafayette, Louisiana
Our custom-built Innovation Space inside Stuller headquarters. 
Matrix Gemvision Room Matrix Gemvision Room
Matrix Gemvision Room Matrix Gemvision Room


This week, our consolidated team is proud to announce two major milestones:

  • The release of a new version of Matrix software – Matrix 9.0
  • The release of a new version of Clayoo software – Clayoo 2.5

Introduced in 2001, Matrix remains a world-leading 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) application for jewelers. This new release includes seamless integration of our proprietary organic modeler, the new Clayoo 2.5. What many may not realize is the collaboration across multiple states, continents, and time zones to ensure this release and integration! In addition to including Clayoo 2.5, the Matrix team added new features and functionality to help jewelry designers enhance their creativity, productivity, and profitability.

Soon we’ll share more details (and sneak-peek videos!) of the new features on our dedicated to Matrix 9.0 webpage at can upgrade now via the webpage. In the coming days, we will begin shipping Matrix Version 9.0 for new orders.

Matrix Graphixc Design 9.0With this Matrix release, we are also excited to announce the new Gemvision Labs user group. We want Gemvision Labs to be a source for exclusive, early access to new features that you can test and then share your feedback directly with the developers. The first “Work in Progress” release in Gemvision Labs is the updated Matrix Web Viewer to help you share designs with your clients interactively via the web.

Without a doubt, the past four months have been a lot like drinking from a firehose for me. I remain humbled to be part of such an amazing team. From where I sit today, I see tremendous talent, tremendous value among the products, and breath-taking opportunities for all of us — including you, our customers — to advance jewelry design into previously unimaginable realms. While my journey has just begun, this week’s product release continues our commitment to deliver technological solutions to existing and future customers.

In so many ways, we are just getting started!

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Doug Menefee

I joined Stuller in December 2016 • Ironically, my first company helped launch in 1997 • I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette • Recipient of an Air Medal for my service as Flight Medic during Desert Storm • Twice recognized by state Louisiana Governors as the Innovator of the Year • When I'm not on a computer, I'm fishing from my kayak in the marshes of Louisiana • Our Great Dane, Moose, has his own Facebook page (we don't talk about the cat)