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Vow to Keep These 3 Important Social Media Resolutions in 2019

Ramp up your social media efforts by pledging to improve in these three areas

We know, we know– this is your busiest time of year. You don’t even have time for a full eight hours of sleep, much less the opportunity to read a blog post about improving your social media strategy in the new year . . .

PRO TIP: Bookmark this post and read it after the holiday buzz


Why, you ask? Because below you will find THREE social media resolutions for the new year AND I’m going to show you how to accomplish each and every one of them in 2019. Are you ready?

1. Resolve for consistency

One of the BEST things you can do to improve your social media presence is to be consistent with your audience. Have you noticed that my social media blog goes out around the same time every single month? That’s on purpose! When you distribute content rhythmically, your followers (especially your most loyal ones) will recognize your schedule and begin anticipating your posts. An audience that is ready and waiting for your posts is the fastest way to earn high engagement rates. Here’s how to commit to consistency:

Determine how often you can post

Whether it’s 3 times a day or 3 times a week, it doesn’t matter. Decide on what’s feasible for you and your team and stick with it!

Determine the best time for you to post

Eliminate the guesswork by checking out your platform insights. On your Facebook Page, for example, you would click Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online (See below). Here, you’ll see which days of the week your fans are online and their average times. Choose the most popular days and post one hour before your followers come online. This will give your content time to make it through the algorithms and land in their feeds.

Stick to it­­

Deliver every single time you promised yourself you would. Help yourself stay accountable by using a content calendar. Print it out and place it in a high traffic area. This creates a constant reminder on which your social media success depends. Comment down below if you’d like me to email you a FREE template.

Social Media Resolutions Facebook Insights

2. Resolve to be more engaging in 2019

This one is the easiest social media resolutions. Simply put, respond to every single person that engages with your content on social media. Today, our lives are fast-paced and heavily digitized. In a world where everything is automated, what is nicer than interacting with a genuine human on the other side of the phone, email, etc.? Nothing, right?

Social Media Resolutions Facebook Response Rate

The same applies to your social media presence. Respond to every message and comment. Don’t be afraid to let your store’s personality shine through, too! Obviously, this means answering all questions, but there’s more to it. If someone comments, “Oooh pretty!” respond with a “Thank you!” If someone cracks a friendly joke in your comment section, laugh along. Every comment (even your own responses) counts as engagement on your posts. So the more conversations you create under your own content, the higher it will rank in their timelines.

3. Resolve to innovate in the new year

We’re following the easier social media resolutions with the most difficult. I want to challenge you to try something NEW in 2019. It’s easy to stick to what you know and remain in your comfort zone — but in the social space — that just won’t cut it. Each platform updates often and sometimes, what worked yesterday doesn’t produce the same results today.

So, resolve to constantly innovate your social media strategy to stay relevant. Now, I know that seems intimidating, but that’s what I’m here for! Our social media team is constantly testing out new features, technologies, and content. Then, I get to report back to you with what proves most valuable.

With that said, here are my recommendations for NEW and FREE techniques and tools to use in 2019:


Live Video

Tried and true for a few years running, Facebook is leading the live video movement. Join the party!

Watch Party

Speaking of parties, this is a brand-new feature Facebook has given us. Learn more about Watch Parties here.

Social Media resolutions video party callout



Stories are the future of social media. I truly believe that. Spend 2019 getting to know this tool. Because by 2020, they’ll have taken over!

User-Generated Content

Or, UGC for short. This is how we find your #HowIStuller posts and share them. Try something similar with your customer base.


Shoppable Pins

Shoppable content is all the rage. Pinterest has the simplest experience if you’re wanting to try it out. Learn more with this step-by-step guide to creating shoppable Pinterest posts.

Video Pins

These are super new and super exciting! Stand out in a sea of still pins by posting video content on this platform. Take the leap. Be an early adapter.


Well, there you have it— my TOP 3 social media resolutions for the new year. This is my last blog post in 2018, so I thank you all for reading. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Social Media Resolutions Social Share

Are you up for these challenges? If one in particular (or all three) social media resolutions resonated with you, let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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