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December 2023

globe leadership message
Corporate Announcements
Danny Clark

Farewell to 2023: An End-of-Year Message

2023 is almost a wrap and we are once again grateful for your support and trust in Stuller. We hope that this holiday season has been a smashing success for you and yours. Time continues to move forward, and we are excited for the possibilities and opportunities ahead in 2024.

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Paige Oliver

Findings Friday Part 4: Find Out How Stuller Makes It

Findings are crucial for a jeweler as they serve as the building blocks that bring a piece of jewelry together and ensure its durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. These small metal components connect different elements of jewelry and come in various materials, finishes, and styles — providing versatility and limitless possibilities for customization to meet customers’ preferences.

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diamond carat weight
Diamonds & Gemstones
Olivia Billet

What You need to Know About Diamond Carat Weight

When it comes to diamonds, carat weight often takes the spotlight, but it’s just one piece of the dazzling puzzle. In the realm of the 4Cs of Diamonds — cut, color, clarity, and carat weight — understanding the nuances of carat weight is crucial for guiding your customers to the perfect stone. Contrary to popular belief, carat weight doesn’t solely dictate a diamond’s size; it’s a multifaceted consideration that we’ll explore in detail.

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upselling retail strategies for jewelers
Business Savvy
Tori Olivier

Upselling Your Retail Experience

Are you delivering the utmost value to your customers? Maximizing their shopping experience ensures continued business opportunities, future sales, and a loyal customer base. To accomplish this, you need to exceed expectations and enrich the retail experience. When you become a one-stop shop for every need your customers might have as they choose their next gift or the engagement ring of a lifetime, you provide unparalleled value.

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