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Upselling Your Retail Experience

upselling retail strategies for jewelers

Discover five products and services you can use to add value to your customers’ purchases and increase profit.

Are you delivering the utmost value to your customers? Maximizing their shopping experience ensures continued business opportunities, future sales, and a loyal customer base. To accomplish this, you need to exceed expectations and enrich the retail experience. When you become a one-stop shop for every need your customers might have as they choose their next gift or the engagement ring of a lifetime, you provide unparalleled value.


By offering upselling opportunities and additional services they can benefit from, you are giving your customers the most value from a retail jewelry shopping experience. Here are five simple add-on products and services you can suggest to your customers after the initial sale is determined.

Gift-Wrapping Services

jewelry gift-wrapping services for christmas

Whether it’s the perfect Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift or simply a Tuesday surprise, receiving a beautifully presented piece of jewelry is a moment to treasure. Help your customers with a hassle-free solution by providing professional gift-wrapping services. Offer a range of on-brand gift bags, gift wraps, tissues, bows, ribbons, and more to help elevate every special gift.

Jewelry Cleaner

We all know that jewelry is an investment, and your customers can appreciate any guidance on maintaining the beauty of that investment. Be sure to suggest jewelry cleaners and cloths with their purchase from an assortment of cleaning pens, polishing cloths, foaming cleansers, and bath jars.

Did You Know?

 Stuller’s Custom Imprinting Services offers the perfect solution for leaving your mark on every purchase. Add your logo and branding on packaging, gift wrap, jewelry cleaner, and more.

Lacquered Roses

Pair a stunning jewelry purchase with another gift of lasting beauty. A lacquered rose features an elegant flower preserved in time with an attractive golden accent. Accompanying any jewelry purchase, these roses display elegance and longevity echoing the sentiment behind the jewelry itself — the perfect add-on gift.

Watch Bands

watch band gifts

While your customer is in the store purchasing their next favorite piece, it’s an excellent time to suggest breathing new life into their watch. Introduce a new watch band, allowing their old favorite to feel refreshed and eye-catching. Let them explore a variety of options featuring leather, exotic materials, performance materials, and much more.

Watch Batteries

watch band repair near me

As your customers finish their purchase, remind them to keep their watches running on time by regularly changing the batteries. This small but impactful gesture keeps the little details top of mind while also making you their first choice for maintenance. Look through batteries of every size, performance, capacity, and voltage in our selection.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

Upselling is more than simply increasing the transaction value; it’s about enriching the overall shopping experience. By offering thoughtful and complementary products and services, you position your store as a one-stop destination for all things jewelry-related — a benefit that creates lasting impressions and maximizes sales potential throughout the year.


Tori Olivier

Product Manager, Packaging & Displays

Tori joined the Stuller team after nearly ten years of working in cosmetology and esthetics as both a stylist and instructor. Her background inspired a love for creativity and color theory that she uses when developing new and trending product with the Stuller merchandising team.