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What’s New on February 2024

Explore the newest features of that give you an enhanced shopping experience.

Our experts and teams at Stuller are constantly striving to bring you the latest innovations to keep you ahead of the game. Part of our mission is focusing on maintaining a smooth-running website while incorporating new advancements to provide you with the best possible digital experience.

Whether you’ve been a loyal customer since the beginning or you’re just starting your journey with us, our goal is to make sure offers you a shopping experience that is easy, reliable, and full of innovation — all to support your success. Let’s dive in to discover what’s new on and how you can benefit from and incorporate these new features when you shop online.

New Stuller Showcase® Homepage Templates

Stuller Showcase® is a free quoting tool that lets you use Stuller’s website as your own digital product catalog. Our website is basically your website —with your own branding. We’ve recently rolled out four new homepage templates for you to choose from in Stuller Showcase, bringing the total number of homepage templates to nine.

To see all the new stunning homepage templates, first log in to your account and go to Scroll down until you get to the Homepage Template section, and you’ll see that our four newest templates are last. Two templates feature Wedding and Engagement Rings in both light and dark modes while the other two templates highlight models wearing Trending and Bestselling Jewelry. Now you have more options than ever to customize your homepage with our beautiful images, layouts, and products.

With Stuller Showcase, you get immediate access to our vast product selection and customization experiences to integrate into your own website—all completely free. You don’t need an existing website to use Stuller Showcase, and you don’t need to worry about web maintenance or fees. To learn more about Stuller Showcase and to see how it can benefit your business, click here.

Restyled Product Image Carousel Section

You wanted an easier way to download product photos and share item numbers, and we heard you. All our products now feature a restyled Product Image Carousel. You can download images from any product page and save them either as JPEG or PNG files.

When logged in to your account, click on the Download icon on the product page and select your preferred file type. Your photos will be saved in a zip file for easy transfers.

The downloadable images are larger, and if the product has videos, we’ve made that more obvious now. There is also a zoom hover capability with motion control gestures, so when you’re on a cellphone, it’s easier to pinch to zoom now than it used to be.

You can also copy and paste item numbers more easily. Just click on the item number to automatically copy it to your clipboard and then share it.

Calibrated Lab-Grown Diamonds Filter

Now you can search specifically for large lab-grown diamonds that are calibrated with our new filter. Calibrated lab-grown diamonds are in demand because they have been cut to exact standard sizes that will easily fit Stuller mountings. There’s no need to customize the mounting to fit the lab-grown diamond.

Calibrated lab-grown diamonds are cut to standard sizes for round shapes and fancy shapes with tight tolerances. This ensures uniformity and consistency so you can easily match and integrate these lab-grown diamonds into your designs, reducing the time and effort required for customization.

Go to and scroll down to Collections. Click on the new badge for calibrated lab-grown diamonds. The filtered results will include only calibrated Stuller lab-grown diamonds.

New Shipping Countdown

Another new addition is the shipping countdown timer that reminds you how much time remains for eligible items to be shipped today. On the product pages of in-stock items, you’ll see the delivery van icon with a countdown timer.

Each day our customers have until 5:00 p.m. their local time to place their order with us if they want us to ship it the same day. The shipping countdown timer follows you from the product page to the cart page and to the checkout page to give you a visual aid throughout your shopping experience.

Add-A-Post Customization Option

The Add-a-Post customization option offers you endless ways to pair earring settings and select trims with the perfect posts and backs. First, select your desired earring setting or trim.

Under Customization Options, click Add Earring Post. Then click Add Earring Back. Select the diamonds or gemstones you want, and we’ll assemble it and send it to you as a complete earring set. The piece featured in the video demonstration is Item# 28608.

Future Upgrades

globe leadership message has been a trusted platform for jewelers worldwide since 1997. Our goal has always been to provide a seamless shopping experience, a wide range of inventory, and innovative features for our valued customers.

We understand the importance of making your job stress-free and efficient, which is why we are constantly evolving and improving your digital experience.

We invite you to explore the exciting new features on and, as always, encourage you to reach out to us with any suggestions on how we can further enhance your experience. Be on the lookout for many more new upgrades to come! 


Joe Varino

Digital Quality Assurance Team Lead, Web Development

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in management of information systems from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. With a dual focus on automated testing efficiency and meticulous manual inspection, Joe leads his digital quality assurance team in delivering polished and robust web applications, fostering a collaborative environment with development teams and stakeholders to ensure alignment with project objectives and user needs.