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Upsell With Watchbands to Bolster Your Bottom Line

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Excite your customers with a new-looking watch at a 3x markup

This winter is shaping up to be pretty historic, with most of the country buried under heaps of snow and icy winds. But is your business suffering from the cold weather blues, too? If you are experiencing a slump in sales, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Your watch repair business may bring the perfect opportunity to upsell with watchbands.

You offer your customers the service of changing their watch batteries, right? Then it’s a no-brainer to extend the option of changing out their watchbands as well. In just a few moments, you can excite your customer with a new-looking watch at a 3x markup. Providing a service like this will surely create a lifetime customer!

So it goes without saying, if your strategy isn’t to upsell with watchbands when handling a watch repair, you’re missing out. In fact, in 2014, watchbands were valued at $300 million in retail sales, with the watch industry as a whole accounting for $9.3 billion in sales. Using an average of a 50% markup and an estimated 21,463 retailers nationwide, watchband business represents an estimated gross margin opportunity of approximately $7,000 per store. That’s nothing to sneeze at, even in this cold season!

Apple Watch® Adapter

Quickly turn any of Stuller’s broad selection of 20mm or 24mm leather watchbands into compatible bands. These Apple Watch® adapters are available in screw-type and spring bar adapter in black, silver, and gold finishes. They are also available in 38-42mm widths (38mm Adapter fits 20mm leather bands, 42mm adapter fit 24mm leather bands). Your tech-savvy customers will love this nifty watchband adapter.

Leather Watchbands

All of our leather bands use 100% premium-grade hides; choose from full-grain cowhide leathers or top grain leather. The leather bands ship with pre-inserted spring bars and two buckles: a white and a yellow. Our leather straps are available in a variety of sizes including regular, long, and short. Having the flexibility of both buckles takes the guesswork out of the process, making it easier for you and your customer and the perfect opportunity to upsell with watchbands!

Exotic Watchbands

Our genuine exotic watchbands are crafted in Italy using CITES certified exotic skins. Options include alligator, crocodile, lizard, and ostrich. They come in a full range of sizes, lengths, and colors. All have pre-inserted spring bars, and some models have the EZ-Change™ spring bar system.

Metal Link Bands

Stuller’s high-quality metal bands have the look and style your customers want. With all stainless steel construction, count on Stuller’s selection of colors and combinations to suit the majority of watch styles. All gold-plated models utilize superior gold ion process for greater value, longevity, and durability, making them scratch and tarnish resistant. Multiple end pieces (straight and curved) and spring-end configurations fit all styles.

Metal Expansion Bands

We have everything from expansion to link models available. All of our metal bands come with three multiple end pieces making it easy for you to retrofit the band to the timepiece. This unique offer also provides you with the opportunity to repair other straps for your customers without any additional investment for the perfect upsell.


And as always, all of our watchbands come with next-day delivery and with no minimum purchase.


These fashion accessories take a watch and make it unique to its wearer. And there’s so much flexibility with watchbands today—from basic black and brown all the way to mint-green patent leather. Gently explain to your customers how easily they can switch out their bands and straps. And next time a customer comes in to replace a battery or crystal, let him know about your selection and try to upsell with watchbands. This is a fantastic way to give the look of a new watch for your customer at a 45%–60% margin for you.

Need a display solution for your straps? We offer spinners for your leather straps and spinners for both leather and metal bands.

Have you tried to upsell with watchbands? What is your experience? How important are watches to your business? Share with us below.


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