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Trend Alert: Floral Designs

Tips to sell this growing style

The flower is an original muse. It’s inspired some of the greatest works of art, design, and jewelry for centuries. And it’s been updated over the years to remain a fresh, relevant player in a variety of avenues. It’s the traditional symbol for femininity and grace playing with the delicate balance of subtle and statement for a long time.



But, I guess that’s why florals make their presence known year after year on the runways, red carpets, and regular day to day wear. From lace designs to pantsuit prints to sequined evening gowns, flowers have graced them all. They’ve even evolved through the seasons making them a staple for spring, summer, fall, and winter.


A favorite example of mine for pure floral elegance was Elle Fanning in Dolce and Gabbana at a June movie premier. The dress design was just fabulous. This sequin beauty had the lovely flow of leaves accenting various colored blooms and blossoms. It had every element needed for a great floral fashion design.  And more recently, at the 68th Annual Emmy Awards big stars like, Kristin Belle, Sarah Hyland, and Maisie Williams rocked flowery frocks on the red carpet.


A glance at the botanical styles below proves the pattern will never go out of style . . . or season.




Clover Earrings with Ruby

Why it works: The smooth, overlapping design presents a not-so-bulky, lightweight look

How to sell it: These earrings are an ideal milestone gift (anniversary). The gemstones can be customized to reflect the occasion your customer is celebrating.






Clover Pendant with Sapphire

Why it works: Whimsical openwork details highlight the playful flower within a flower look

How to sell it: This was made for that customer wanting to express their inner flower child. A playful, fun, no effort piece of jewelry.







Clover Pendant with Pearl

Why it works: It’s a versatile, seasonal piece. Light and airy for spring and a subtle classic for fall or winter

How to sell it: The price point on this piece makes it a great, all-year-around seller.








Floral & Butterfly Ring

Why it works: The flower and butterfly makes this piece a more direct translation of the trend

How to sell it: It’s great for every day wear when you just can’t walk out of the house without a piece of jewelry. It’s not so formal, so it could work well for the younger crowd too.



Are floral designs blossoming in your store? Comment below or share your styles with us via any of our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.



Jenni Moreau

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