What’s the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

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The bride-to-be in your store has probably been planning her special day for a while now — perhaps even since she was a young girl. More often than not, she has a good idea of
the type of engagement ring she’s going after. She’ll bring along clippings from a magazine or share styles she’s pinned on Pinterest; heck, maybe she even has a sketch drawn on a napkin. No matter the case, ring shopping is usually primarily focused on the lady-in-waiting.

Best metal for men's wedding bands

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What About Those Disengaged Dudes?

Yet we know that most of the time, her beau hasn’t put much thought into his wedding band. Some dudes are completely uninterested in rings, and most are just unaware of the options available. There are all kinds, from the guy who’s eager to discuss each decision along the way, to the disengaged dude sitting in the corner with folded arms, staring off into space. Good news! The latter presents an opportunity for you, the trusted jeweler, to engage the groom-to-be and involve him in his very own ring selection. Inform him of all the choices when choosing his band. After all, he’ll be sporting it for the long run. 

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Get To Know The Guy

Each ring comes with its own pros and cons. Determining the best metal for men’s wedding bands starts with understanding his lifestyle. Consider what he does for a living. For example, some companies require their employees to wear tungsten bands because of the metal’s potential for fracturing under extreme pressure. Also, if working with electricity, he may want to steer clear of metals that have conductive properties, opting for a ceramic or stainless steel instead.

Also, ask him about what he does in his spare time. If he works on cars, steer him away from soft, precious metals like gold and silver and go for a stronger metal that is resistant to scratching. A swimmer may need a metal that can withstand harsh chemicals, like chlorine. Precious metals may be a strong fit for a coin collector who treasures value and rarity. An avid hunter should avoid a band with a bright polished finish which could reflect sunlight and scare away the game.

Best metal for men's wedding bands

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What’s His Style?

His wedding band is not only an expression of marital commitment but also an expression of himself. Urge the guy to choose a band that reflects his style. He may choose a classic band profile like half-round or comfort-fit, or he may prefer a more modern look like two-tone or hand-engraved. If he’s interested in personalizing his precious metal band, consider engraving the band for a unique touch. He may choose to add a special message or scripture verse in a brawny font or even in his own custom handwriting.

There are plenty of opportunities to engage the guy in the ring buying process. Remember, following the initial engagement ring sale, there are two more subsequent rings to be sold: the bride’s and groom’s bands. Even more important than any sale, however, is the opportunity to get to know your customer and build a lasting relationship with the happy couple. Take the time to create patrons who’ll turn to you for years to come.

Best metal for men's wedding bands

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So what’s the best metal for men’s wedding bands?

Well, it depends on the guy. Does he want precious or contemporary metal? Is he more interested in rarity and value or durability? Which band profile does he want? Engraving? Finishes? Get to know your guy, then walk him through the process to create his personalized band. Use the handout below to help your groom-to-be determine the best metal for men’s wedding bands.

DOWNLOAD this guide when determining the best metal for men’s wedding bands

Distribute this handout to the dudes that come into your store. Let them know they have the power to pick the band that perfectly represents their style. And let him take the reigns in determining the best metal for men’s wedding bands.

Solitaires with a Twist

Think back to the 1965 Mustang, Coca-cola, Frank Sinatra, and Audrey Hepburn. All classics. These style icons have withstood the test of time, bringing nostalgia and happiness to our lives. These classics continue to inspire us with their multi-generational appeal. Likewise, solitaires are another timeless trend that has yet to fade away. Long a symbol of sophistication and grace, these timeless options have served as staple choices for decades, withstanding the test of time.

Why are solitaires a classic? They’re simple and refined. And there’s no better way to show off a gorgeous diamond than with a shank and mounting that directs onlookers to the center stone’s brilliance.

At a glance, each ring featured here shines as a solitaire. But closer inspection reveals their intricate design. With the engagements featured below, our design team set out to create styles that remained faithful to the solitaire’s proven aesthetic while incorporating fresh details that fashionable brides are sure to appreciate. Best of all, these special, subtle features don’t detract from the beauty of the diamond – they enhance it!


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The Vintage-Inspired Beaded Beauty • 123555

Solitaires Accented White Gold Beaded Engagement Ring Solitaires Accented White Gold Beaded Engagement Ring

From an overhead view, this style seems like a simple solitaire ring. But peer underneath the head for silky scrollwork and a hidden gem. Influenced by the Baroque period, this ring adds intricate beaded details to its classic form.

Elegant Arches with Underside Accents • 123552

Solitaires Accented Yellow Gold Arched Diamond Engagement Ring Solitaires Accented Yellow Gold Arched Diamond Engagement Ring

With its subtle arches, this solitaire ring is robust, yet delicate. Small diamonds take discreet refuge in the bridge of this striking cathedral setting. Complete the look with sparkling yellow gold metal to usher the bride-to-be straight to the chapel.

6 Sharp Prongs with a Knife-Edge Shank • 123548

Solitaires Accented Knife-Edge Shank White Gold Engagement Ring Solitaires Accented Knife-Edge Shank White Gold Engagement Ring

This ring features two fascinating twists. A six prong setting is an easy way to make any simple solitaire distinctive. This design goes further by detailing the bottom of each prong with a diamond-accented heart motif. Then the knife-edge shank adds depth and dimension that keeps the design simple, yet charming.

The Two-Toned Show Stopper • 123440

Solitaires Two-Tone Rose White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Solitaires Two-Tone Rose White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

This trendy two-tone solitaire gives a modern spin to a classic style. Its overall design offers a great balance between structure and elegance, perfect for the bride who prefers a contemporary style with an unexpected twist.


Luckily, our design team has been hard at work creating on-trend bands to complement these solitaires. In fact, ornate bands pair well with simple engagements, giving the bride-to-be a balanced look and presenting the perfect upsell opportunity. Find our newest bands here.

What’s your favorite spin on the classic solitaire design? Let us know in the comments below! And for more inspiration, check out five ways to rock the two-stone trend here.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 25, 2015 and has since been completely revamped for accuracy. 

Love These New Looks

It seems like we’re always searching for the next best thing. Whether we like it or not, so are our customers. The perfect piece of jewelry offers us a way to accentuate our style while also keeping up with the times. Here are a few trendy pieces to stock up on in order to offer your customers the perfect look.


Y Necklaces          

Y necklaces are going to be a huge trend this holiday season, and we’ve created a wide assortment. From all metal to diamond accented, these necklaces can be dressed up or down, so they’re perfect for those holiday parties or casual gatherings. The options are endless.



Personalization has gained popularity throughout the year, and we’ve translated it into many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s engraving, special finishes, laser patterns, or simply stone type, adding a distinctive personal look has never been so easy.


Little Hoop Earrings

Little hoop earrings are becoming widely popular due to their petite nature but bold statement. In a variety of shapes and qualities, these earrings are perfect holiday gifts due to their versatility and subtlety.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are seen everywhere and will continue to rise in popularity due to their bold and unique nature. These holiday favorites come in a variety of shapes and qualities, and are lightweight and comfortable. They dress up all occasions.


What other trends are do your customers love? Let us know on any of our social media channels: Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • Instagram, or in the comments below!


Trend Alert: Floral Designs

The flower is an original muse. It’s inspired some of the greatest works of art, design, and jewelry for centuries. And it’s been updated over the years to remain a fresh, relevant player in a variety of avenues. It’s the traditional symbol for femininity and grace playing with the delicate balance of subtle and statement for a long time.



But, I guess that’s why florals make their presence known year after year on the runways, red carpets, and regular day to day wear. From lace designs to pantsuit prints to sequined evening gowns, flowers have graced them all. They’ve even evolved through the seasons making them a staple for spring, summer, fall, and winter.


A favorite example of mine for pure floral elegance was Elle Fanning in Dolce and Gabbana at a June movie premier. The dress design was just fabulous. This sequin beauty had the lovely flow of leaves accenting various colored blooms and blossoms. It had every element needed for a great floral fashion design.  And more recently, at the 68th Annual Emmy Awards big stars like, Kristin Belle, Sarah Hyland, and Maisie Williams rocked flowery frocks on the red carpet.


A glance at the botanical styles below proves the pattern will never go out of style . . . or season.



Clover Earrings with Ruby

Why it works: The smooth, overlapping design presents a not-so-bulky, lightweight look

How to sell it: These earrings are an ideal milestone gift (anniversary). The gemstones can be customized to reflect the occasion your customer is celebrating.





Clover Pendant with Sapphire

Why it works: Whimsical openwork details highlight the playful flower within a flower look

How to sell it: This was made for that customer wanting to express their inner flower child. A playful, fun, no effort piece of jewelry.






Clover Pendant with Pearl

Why it works: It’s a versatile, seasonal piece. Light and airy for spring and a subtle classic for fall or winter

How to sell it: The price point on this piece makes it a great, all-year-around seller.







Floral & Butterfly Ring

Why it works: The flower and butterfly makes this piece a more direct translation of the trend

How to sell it: It’s great for every day wear when you just can’t walk out of the house without a piece of jewelry. It’s not so formal, so it could work well for the younger crowd too.



Are floral designs blossoming in your store? Comment below or share your styles with us via any of our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.


Pantone’s Fall Palette

Colored gemstones aren’t just for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries — they’re opportunities to merge color and personality to create unique, striking designs. This look at Pantone’s fall colors will allow you to playfully select gemstones to coordinate with the trendy shades of the season.


riverside-blue-sapphire Pantone’s Riverside

Commanding the importance of blue this fall, the new shade of Riverside takes precedence in the color collection. Cool and calming, strong and stable, this blue hue displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication. It borders on exciting yet maintains a sense of constancy.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphires have long been prized for their intense, velvety color, ranging from the deepest midnight to brilliant cornflower blue. The calming influence of blue has also made it an enduring symbol for loyalty and trust — one reason that women around the world choose Sapphire for their engagement rings.


airy-blue-aquamarine Pantone’s Airy Blue

As its name suggests, Airy Blue has a lofty nature that evokes feelings of lightness and freedom. This light blue nods to Serenity, one of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year. Pair this tranquil color with dark green, taupe, or rose for a fresh approach.



As most people choose blue as a favorite color, Aquamarine’s powdery hue is a perfect gem for blue lovers. The name means “ocean water,” and tales of Aquamarine date back to ancient seafaring days. Aquamarine is said to promise love, health and youthful energy to those who wear it.


sharkskin-tahatian-pearl Pantone’s Sharkskin

There’s an edge to Sharkskin, yet it manages to be neutral as well. This gray is far from being dull and can be paired with almost any fall color, bright or muted. Sharkskin is a fabulous complement to the rest of the palette and remains both contemporary and practical.

Tahitian Pearls

Also known as black pearls, Tahitian Pearls offer a sophisticated look with natural appeal. For women of all ages, few gems offer greater drama than strands of Tahitian Cultured Pearls, dynamic for either daytime or evening wear. These pearls create superbly fashionable jewelry that, with proper care, will last for generations.



aurora-red-rubyPantone’s Aurora Red

In contrast to the stable spectrum of the fall 2016 palette, Aurora Red adds a welcome punch. It is a bold Red that is warm, sensual, and immediately pleasing to the eye. Exciting and dynamic, Aurora Red breeds unmistakable confidence as it gets the metaphorical blood of the palette pumping.


Fiery and romantic, showing brilliant depth and intensity, the red hue of Ruby is certain to draw attention. Ruby sends a message of drop-dead glamour and femininity, especially in settings that focus attention on its voluptuous color. If you’re looking for the color of life itself, look no further than red.


Pantone’s Warm Taupe

Warm Taupe is a hearty, pleasing, and approachable neutral that pairs well with each of the top 10 shades of the fall season. This dusty earth tone suggests reassurance and stability. It is trusted, organic, grounded, and timeless.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz ranges from pale tan to deep brown to nearly black in color. The stone may be opaque, though it is more commonly translucent. Smoky Quartz is said to be grounding and able to remove negative energy. Easily had in large sizes, this dark and brooding quartz is a good choice for a customer looking to make a statement.


dusty-cedar-rhodolite-garnet Pantone’s Dusty Cedar

Dusty Cedar gives a nod to Rose Quartz, one of Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year. This shade is a fall and winter version of the pinks we’re used to seeing in spring. Dusty Cedar is a gentle, rose-toned pink shade with some complexity as it exudes warmth and welcome.


Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet can cheer even the bleakest day. It immediately lifts the spirits as it creates lively and exuberant excitement in all who wear it. A luxurious color, Rhodolite Garnet looks more expensive then it actually is, making it an ideal accessory for the understated styles of winter and fall.




Pantone’s Lush Meadow

Lush Meadow brings to mind fresh botanicals and foliage. This deep green is rich and elegant, vibrant and sophisticated. The shade displays a brightness and depth of color that elevates it from more natural greens. Lush Meadow elevates the overall elegance woven through this year’s fall 2016 color collection.



Lush. Exotic. Untamed. This is no polite, garden-variety green: Emerald pulses with life and vitality. Emerald is a perfect autumn complement and the perfect hue to dispel winter blues.


spicy-mustard-citrine Pantone’s Spicy Mustard

Bouncing elegantly off other colors in the palette, Spicy Mustard is an exotic addition. A spicier, zestier yellow than previous seasons, this color adds another splash of uplifting vibrancy. Spicy Mustard is an unexpected and unusual addition that is sure to make any design pop.



The gold of Citrine draws us in and brightens our moods. Its radiant color is associated with joyfulness, youth, and vitality. Wearable, affordable, and fashionable, Citrine is a shimmering yellow gemstone that draws the eye and captivates the viewer.


potters-clay-mozambique-garnet Pantone’s Potter’s Clay

Potter’s Clay has an added degree of sophistication and layering. Elements of russet orange in its undertones gives a grounded feeling that’s anything but flat. A shade with real substance and a strong foundation, this neutral earth tone is expected for fall and winter.

Mozambique Garnet

Mozambique Garnet, glowing deep red with hints of orange and brown, reminds us of an autumn harvest or Indian summer. These styles reflect today’s culturally rich society, giving Mozambique Garnet special appeal to those who seek a sophisticated yet organic look. This distinct gem offers the warm, wine-red color that garnets are best known for.


bodacious-pink-tourmalinePantone’s Bodacious

Bodacious lends itself to vibrant color combinations. Unexpected in fall, this versatile color can be used with pinks and reds. Its bright, rich purple with hints of a more sophisticated pink turns fashion accents into fashion statements.


Pink Tourmaline

This enthralling, positive stone not only enhances the energy of its wearer, but also attracts the attention and energy of others. It’s bold, confident, beautifully sensitive, and self-assured. Pink Tourmaline expresses an exhilarating timeless feminine charm with a decidedly modern edge.



“The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family.

Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the collections. Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our Fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades.

Blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot Pinkish Purples and Spicy Mustard Yellows suggest a touch of the exotic.”

–Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute


Which of these colors do you absolutely love? What other colors do you hope to see around this fall? Are there any other gemstones that your customers are crazy for this season? Let us know in comments below!

Information credit from Pantone®

It’s Fall, Ya’ll

Football, pumpkins, and Halloween — fall is officially here! And while we have to wait a bit longer to enjoy cooler weather here in South Louisiana, that’s not stopping us from getting excited about fall fashions, colors, and motifs.

There are plenty of iconic fall elements that inspire jewelry this time of year — oranges and browns, the smell of pumpkin pie, fuzzy scarves, and of course the changing leaves. And as a jeweler, you must note these trends in order to stock your showcases with the right pieces to complement the necklines and silhouettes of the season ahead.

Leaves and nature aren’t just for fall; they’re a theme we’ve been seeing all year long. And we’ve taken these natural basics and translated them into our earring, ring, and neckwear designs. Beading, criss-cross styling, and soft petite motifs make these pieces fall must-haves.



The cool tone of white gold mixed with brilliant diamond is always a winning combination and complement to any outfit.






Rose gold represents a warm yet playful mood in this piece. And the baby pink topaz accents add to the fun.






The simple wrap style creates bold visual interest on the finger.







Ear climbers have been a power player this year and are a must have for the season. This modest, all-metal pair works great for day or evening wear.





The tiny diamonds give just the right amount of brilliance to these feminine, soft leaf earrings.






Layering is always in style. The double look of the leaf elements in this piece gives the same vibe. And rich yellow gold adds to the autumn charm.






The open, airy design gives this pendant a “light-as-a-leaf” feel. And the brilliant emerald adds a pop of color.




Personally, I think these designs work because of their simplicity and versatility. Wear them as part of an ensemble or let each shine brightly on its own. Be bold and try mixing and matching metal colors, diamond or gemstone accents, and even design sizes to find the perfect fit for your personal style.

Other fall trends to note are yellow gold, bows and chain, pearls, long drop earrings, chokers, and mismatched earrings just to name a few.

Which fall trends are you most excited about? Hosting any fun, festive events for the season? Share with us in the comments below.

Items featured in cover image: leaf ear climbers, pearl earrings, leaf diamond ringleaf band, and metal leaf ring


Ya’ll, I’m so excited! It’s my second favorite time of the year (behind Christmas) – award show season. It’s a time when fabulous dresses, trending hair/makeup, and the jewelry of dreams make their appearance in the limelight. And following the Twitter commentary on each star’s ensemble as they walk the red carpet makes for a perfect popcorn night in!

It’s no doubt we’re big jewelry fans here at Stuller. And we all have thoughts and opinions on the looks we see out and about. So, to sum it up, here are 3 trends we saw at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

1. Jewel tones seemed to be the color of choice. Greens for Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaimie Alexander. Olivia Wilde and Zendaya went with crimson hues. And true blues worked for Julianne Moore and Bryce Dallas Howard.

jada   jaime   651604


Olivia wilde   Zendaya   86368

   Bryce Dallas Howard   86278

2. Pretty, feminine florals as seen on Amber Heard and Eva Longoria.

Amber Heard   86338

Eva Longoria   86280

3. Soft pastel pinks like the colors dawning Kate Bosworth and Leslie Mann.

Kate-Bosworth   71844

leslie man   71811

What were your favorites? Share with us either in the comments below or via any of our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

The Wait is Over!

How do you define truly beautiful, on-trend jewelry? Hard to say, really, but you know it when you see it. You do a double-take. Then you stare. Then your heart starts to beat a little faster.

You’ll know you’ve seen it when you peruse our newest lookbook – straight from the pages of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. With these fashions in your store, you’ll be sure to have exactly what your customers are looking for this holiday.

Let your customers know you’re the go-to source for these and other great styles by posting this lookbook on your Facebook page. You’ll leave them wanting more.


What trends are you seeing heading into the holiday season? Share them in the comments section.

Raising the Bar

barIt has many names – trapeze, column, bar, matchstick, line drop; it has many admirers – Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba – just to name a few; and it’s hotter than liquid gold in the metal room. It’s the bar necklace. And we can’t get enough.


bar2Consider it a step up from ID tags. The delicate, yet statement motif can be kept classically plain, engraved for a personal touch, or bejeweled for mega effect. It can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion – going from red-carpet-ready to weekly-grocery- store-trek without much effort.

The bar necklace is in line with a lot of other popular trends like layering, minimalism, and the geometric look. It’s a trending item that can work for a variety of customers and price points.”

– Lauren Garvey, Diamond & Gem Product Manager

Now, let’s talk options – a girl’s gotta have ’em right? And while you may think there isn’t much you can do to spice up a straight line, we’d be happy to prove you wrong.

While the classic horizontal, straight bar looks fantastic by itself, you could add a diamond, gemstone, or even engraving to make the look your own.

14kt Rose 1/10 CTW Diamond Bar 17.5" Necklace


14kt White 3-Stone 17.5" Necklace for Mother


14kt Yellow 6x34mm Engravable Bar 17.5" Necklace



Rotate that baby 90º clockwise for a chic vertical look. And adding stones, whether they are of the diamond or gem variety, is always a good idea.

14kt White Bar Pendant


14kt White 1/5 CTW Diamond Vertical Bar Pendant


14kt White 3 Stone Pendant Mounting for Mother


For a more modern look, opt for a wave, a curve, multiple layers, or even a little extra metallic flair.

14kt White 1/8 CTW Diamond 18" Necklace



14kt Rose 1/8 CTW Diamond 16" Necklace86291

14kt Yellow .08 CTW Diamond 17.5" Necklace



14kt Yellow 1/6 CTW Diamond 17.5" Necklace86290

Got thoughts on this trend? Like it? Leave it? Let us know in the comments below. And visit Stuller.com to see our entire assortment of bar necklace options.

Fall Looks We’re Head Over Heels For

Fall is here – finally! – and with it, tons of new fall trends and fashions. I’m sharing five of my favorite looks below – things I’ve seen on runways and stores. I’m betting if you look around, you’ll see them, too.

The warm rose gold hues really make the gemstones pop. Rose gold continues to be a huge trend for us. These earrings are great because you can add in any color combinations.

14kt Rose Multi-Gemstone & 1/6 CTW Diamond Earrings

Bypass is a trend we are seeing in fashion jewelry as well as bridal. This bypass ring is simple but makes such a statement.

14kt White 1/6 CTW Diamond Ring

Much like the rose gold trend, we have seen increased sales in our yellow gold. I love this piece, it’s a unique take on our ever so popular bar necklace. It’s perfect to wear alone or layer.

14kt Yellow 1/6 CTW Diamond 17.5" Necklace

Multi-gemstone and 2 stone rings have been extremely popular this year. I love how this look incorporates the multi-stone trend with the bypass style.  It’s really a statement piece.

14kt White Swiss Blue Topaz & 1/5 CTW Diamond Ring

Adore this stackable ring. It looks good stacked with a diamond or gemstone ring, or even by itself. It has a great price!

14kt White Beaded Stackable Ring Size 7

Are you noticing any definite trends in your store? Fashions your customers really want? Share with us in the comments section.