Gemstones To Inspire Your Vacation Dreams — Let’s Go!

Pack your bags, load your car, and hit the road to head to the airport, and let’s take that much-needed time to de-stress and refresh. Let’s pretend, however briefly, that these past 16 months reside in the distant past — barely a flicker in our memories. We’ll make this summer trip particularly joyous and meaningful.

So let’s talk about gemstones that will brighten your customer’s vacay wardrobe, and afterward, summon memories of their wonderful time away. Select findings for a pendant, earrings, or bracelet dangles, choose family jewelry mountings to celebrate your holiday destination, or go the custom design route, and the sky’s the limit.

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Beach Bliss

Famous Aquamarine Gemstones

Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf Coast, Caribbean: Summertime and beaches are meant for each other. The lapping water or white-cap waves, the vast sky, breezes, tropical foliage, and the sand beneath my feet that always ends up in the condo — they put you back in touch with nature, serenity, and joy. You sigh and relax.

Customers can keep their beach bliss long after the vacation. Create eye-catching jewelry with water-inspired beauties such as turquoise, coral, aquamarine, green moissanite, and zircon, or paint a sunset with rose quartz, ametrine, tanzanite, and orange garnet. Keep the sand between your toes with rutilated quartz or citrine cabochons, our new brown moissanite, a top light brown, or champagne diamonds.

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Mountain Romance

Rutilated Quartz Gemstones

Summer in the mountains offers stunning vistas and refreshingly cool days. Distant snow-caps, green fields with wildflowers, rushing streams, deep lakes, and tempting trails beckon you outside. You fill your days with biking, horseback riding, rock climbing hiking the surrounding heights, and photographing all that you see. Later in the day, relax with a soak in hot springs. All the activities and vivid beauty restore your spirits.

Customers can capture the thrill and freedom of their mountain vacation with durable gemstones: sapphire, ruby, colored moissanite, emerald, aquamarine, morganite, topaz, and tourmaline. To explore the colors of mountain rock, go neutral with smoky or tourmalinated quartz. Or select our Misty, Ash, Marbled Gray, and black Specialty Diamonds.

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City Lights

Bring on the bright lights for your summer in the city vacation, be it New York, Washington DC, Nashville, St Louis, San Francisco, or L.A. You’ll celebrate the arts with museums and performances and catch as much music as you can. That’s not to mentions all the fabulous restaurants and sights to see. Choose black and white wardrobe pieces, then highlight with pops of color and sparkle to add fun and fashion.

Choose Stuller Moissanite in DEF — go big in a larger size — or choose one of the gorgeous colored moissanite we offer: blue, green, yellow, brown, and back. Make a statement with fire opal, lab-grown sapphires in dazzling pink, yellow, and orange, bi-color tanzanite, and imperial topaz. All these and many more will capture your city lights theme.

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Help all your customers hold on to that vacation feeling each time they wear their personalized styles.

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Specialty Diamonds for Fashionistas

Amplify sophistication with chic, trendy specialty diamonds, the new darling of fashionistas and organic connoisseurs. Do these two groups agree on anything? Definitely — on these intriguing diamonds. Customers can choose from an array of conversation starters featuring distinctive colors, textures, and shapes. Many of these diamonds are rose cut, but you’ll also discover faceted stones.

Personality Plus

Customers want jewelry that expresses who they are. It can be subtle or bold, but it needs to reflect a value or feeling. Is it any wonder these distinctly different diamonds have captured their imagination? These customers embrace styles with personality. You can assure them that we hand select each specialty diamond. Then we give it an identifying number to emphasize each is one of a kind distinguished by its unique characteristics.

specialty diamonds

Salt & Pepper

These daring beauties turn the 4C’s upside down with a dramatic reinterpretation of color and inclusions. They are individually selected and desired for their beauty and uniqueness. Each salt and pepper diamond has hundreds if not thousands of inclusions that mix light and dark to create a distinctively textured appearance. The colors include misty gray, ash gray, and marbled gray, available in various shapes, including hexagons and kites — another way to achieve an individualized look.

salt and pepper specialty diamonds

Brown, Yellow, Green & Beyond

These unique specialty diamonds feature natural shadings and intriguing textures that result from their inclusions. Each stone has its own subtle, sophisticated color. The yellow diamonds range from light and golden yellow to brownish and opaque yellow. The brown specialty diamonds range from light brown and brownish-gray to orange and dark orange-brown. Our green specialty diamonds are a grayish-green.

specialty diamonds

Mesmerizing Color

Other diamonds in this selection come in highly prized colors, sizes, and shapes. Take a look at these blue cushion diamonds, which boast a startlingly gorgeous pale royal shade. Unusual shapes and sizes distinguish the specialty diamonds from our standard color-enhanced diamonds.                                        

opaque white specialty diamond
Opaque white diamond

Beyond White

The white specialty diamond has proven very popular. It goes beyond the colorless-near colorless range to reach an almost opalescent white with multi-colored inclusions. Irresistible? Absolutely.

Look Closely

Each specialty diamond is a natural work of art with colors, textures, and handcrafted shapes, unlike any other diamond. They feature different types and colors of inclusions making each uniquely beautiful. And each specialty diamond comes packaged in our popular gel boxes