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Sell With a Story: Shopping the Diamond Experience on

Diamond Days of December

Find unique cuts, fancy colors, specialty diamonds, and salt and pepper melee easily.

Diamond Days of December starts today and shopping the diamond experience on is now easier than ever! If you’re in the market for unique cuts, fancy colors, specialty diamonds and more, we’ve got you covered.

Some of our customers are truly surprised to discover the wide selection we have in stock. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, here are a few tips on shopping the diamond experience on

Unique Cut Diamonds: A Cut Above the Rest

Many shoppers today are looking for unique diamonds that are a little different to better express their individual personalities. Click on the Unique Cut tab on the non-serialized diamond shopping experience to view many unique cuts that you may not know we have!

Round Diamonds

Single-cut diamonds are available in GHI color and SI quality. The classic, elegant single-cut diamond catches the eye at a distance. Rose-cut diamonds have a flat base and a domed top and are available in VS/SI1, GHI and black. 

Square Diamonds

The grooved princess-cut diamonds are different from regular princess-cut diamonds due to the parallel notches that are created on all sides near the girdle but below the crown of the princess cuts. These types of diamonds are used predominantly for ‘invisible’ settings.

Step-cut square diamonds are very different from regular princess cuts (which are square shape diamonds with brilliant faceting) as they have only rectangular facets arranged parallel to each other.

Oval Diamonds

Rose-cuts have distinctive bold triangular facets and feminine, old-world charm.

Oval rose-cut diamonds are available in VS/SI1, GHI.

Our unique cut diamonds are available in our melee offering and our large offering. Shop this collection at

Large Natural and Lab-Grown Fancy Colors

Fancy color diamonds have become more popular with the rise of celebrities flashing them on the red carpets and in fashion magazines. Think Carrie Underwood, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, Anna Kournikova, Iggy Azalea and Blake Lively, to name a few!

Did you know that Stuller offers fancy colored diamonds? Click on the Fancy Color toggle on the large, serialized diamond shopping experience and you’ll be amazed to see all of our fun, colored options.

Be sure to select different shapes to see all that we have! Give this a try for yourself! This filter is available on both the natural diamond with report and lab-grown diamond with report shopping experience.

Shop or

Not seeing what you want after filtering? Check out what’s on memo and request a status update. To do this, click on “Out For Review” and once you find the diamond you are interested in, select “Out For Review Request Status.”

Navigation Made Simple

It’s easier than ever to navigate between Stuller’s different diamond assortments with our new quick links. Toggle quickly between our natural and lab-grown diamonds, as well as our melee and large diamonds without grading reports.

All Stuller natural diamonds 0.25 carats and larger are available with and without a grading report. There are numerous advantages of buying with a grading report including loss protection, annual rebates, prepaid returns and more.

A diamond grading report includes an assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs – colorclaritycut, and carat weight – along with a diagram of its clarity characteristics and a graphic representation of the diamond’s proportions.

Use the “With Reports” and “Without Reports” links on the large diamond shopping pages to toggle between those assortments.

Specialty Diamonds

Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind diamonds? Check out this collection! Stuller’s Specialty Diamonds include distinct colors, textures, and handcrafted shapes, making them on-trend and in-demand.

With nearly no two stones alike, this ever-changing assortment represents the individuality of each and every diamond customer.

Shop specialty diamonds at

Salt and Pepper Melee

Looking to order multiples in a unique, sophisticated diamond? Check out the gorgeous, speckled look of our salt and pepper melee. These are diamonds with a consistent gray color and I3 clarity. They’re mysterious and versatile. Available in our melee and our large diamond offering.

Stuller’s Diamond Days of December: A Monthlong Celebration!

Follow Stuller on Instagram during our Diamond Days of December. We’ll have selling tips, guessing games, giveaways, and more. Our first giveaway is an exquisite piece of jewelry with a few sweet extras that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to keep up with Stuller’s Instagram stories this month and see how you can win!

During the holiday season, we are open and shipping each Saturday through December 18, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Central. Shop all Stuller Diamonds® here.

Happy Holidays!


Morgan Boudreaux

Project Specialist, Merchandising

Morgan holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana. Along with multiple certifications from AGS and GIA, her love and passion for all things sparkly give her the drive to help every customer find the perfect loose stone for every piece.