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Color By Rouges

What works best

Rouges are a must on any jeweler’s bench. They buff and polish, smooth and shine. There are many colors with even more uses, but no perfectly right answer. See rouges are subjective with each jeweler choosing what works best for them. Just how many rouges does it take to get read more…

3 Simple Steps to Achieve Perfect Jewelry Polishing

From bench jeweler to storefront salesman — anyone can do it in three easy stages

If you have the typical shop, chances are pretty good that you have a multitude of people using jewelry buffs and polishing compounds with somewhat reckless abandon. Without proper organization, often the wrong compound is used on the wrong buff, and then you’re left with a pile of contaminated shop read more…

Polishing in a Pinch

Stuller expert Angela Busby shows you a cool trick of the trade

Watch as our resident Stone Setting Model Maker Master shows you how an everyday item can bail you out when you’ve run out of slurry strips. Materials used: Dental floss Luxor Red Avivor Needle threader