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Color By Rouges

What works best

Rouges are a must on any jeweler’s bench. They buff and polish, smooth and shine. There are many colors with even more uses, but no perfectly right answer. See rouges are subjective with each jeweler choosing what works best for them. Just how many rouges does it take to get to the one the works for you? Let’s find out.

rougesPolishing Kits | 47-3220
Kits are a great thing that every jeweler should try. They give jewelers a lot for little investment. Using a kit, you can find out which option(s) you use the most of, and when you’re ready to reorder, you know exactly what you need.

This kit in particular comes with the step 1 polish Avivor and step 2 polish ORAS along with two buffs – a medium grade and soft cotton.

Avivor Polishing Compounds | 47-3223
This line of polishes has our tried & tested seal of approval found in the halls of our very own manufacturing facility. This compound is especially effective in polishing gold and steel watch cases; they’ll come out looking like new!

Luxor Polishing Compounds | 47-3224
Save time and use less. This is what Luxor compounds bring to the table. Cleaner piece, less residues. Options include:

rougesrougesPink (first stage) – Used on all metals, but especially good for platinum

White (second stage) – Used for fine polishing and finishing on
steel, stainless steel, silver, grey gold, white gold, and platinum

Yellow (third stage) – Used for finishing on all kinds of gold, steel, and stainless steel

Orange – Used for super finishing on precious metals and lacquers

Merar ORAS Polishing Compounds | 47-3225
ORAS rouges have outperformed a number of other polishes. And we’ve even matched it up with the perfect buff – STV buff 47-3229 – for the best results. Along with Avivor, folks have started to use ORAS as the step 2 polish for gold and steel watch cases.

Odds and Ends
These rouges have some specific specialties:

rouges Black 47-32000 – Very popular for silver. It also can produce a rich,
darker luster on white gold and platinum.

Titanium 47-32990 – This series offers different levels for your titanium metals. Each stage brings the piece to a brighter shine.

ADDED BONUS! Read up on the do’s and don’ts of polishing success here on!

Now we’d like to hear from you! Everyone’s got their favorites, so share them with us? Which rouges do you like best and why? Our ears are open!


Andy Kroungold

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