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Merchandising Monday P&D

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Window Displays

Give your windows the attention they deserve on this Merchandising Monday

You’re busy. We understand. And while you don’t have time to worry about everything, some details require your full attention. How you present yourself and your brand is one of the first things customers notice about your store. Your window displays give you an opportunity to make a great first read more…

The Poll Results Are In!

Visual merchandising tips for the holidays

You asked for it Our latest blog poll asked what you’d like to read about next and the results are in. Visual merchandising speaks to your customers without using words. It starts with capturing your customers’ senses from the moment they enter your store. When done right, it can be read more…

Feature Friday – Vanessa Jones

The Army veteran turned digital merchandiser

Stuller happens to be one of the largest employers in Acadiana, and jewelry happens to be the business. My older brother worked here for several years and so did many family members. He seemed to enjoy working here and spoke of Stuller often, so I decided to apply and see read more…

Your Store Stinks

How fall cleaning can help

As a former English teacher, I love fall because of the legions of poets the season has inspired through the centuries. As a Louisianan, I love it because it means a break from the brutal, scorching, humid summers. As a jeweler, you should be grateful for the opportunity it presents read more…

La idea para mostrar correas de reloj que debe usar hoy!

El más reciente Stullerhack - justo a tiempo para el regreso a clases

Parece increíble, pero ya casi es tiempo de que los niños digan adiós al verano y hola a un nuevo año escolar. Llega la hora de cambiar bicicletas por  libros y Candy Crush por calculadoras. Pero sabe, envidio un poco a los niños. Ahora, me encantaría regresar a la escuela read more…

The Merchandising Idea You Should Employ Today

The latest Stullerhack - just in time for back to school

Alas, it’s nearly time for the kiddies to say farewell to summer and hello to a new school year. Time to trade the bicycles for books and Candy Crush for calculators. Sigh. But, you know, I kind of envy kids a little bit. Right now, I’d love to go back read more…