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8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Window Displays

Merchandising Monday P&D

Give your windows the attention they deserve on this Merchandising Monday

You’re busy. We understand. And while you don’t have time to worry about everything, some details require your full attention. How you present yourself and your brand is one of the first things customers notice about your store.

Your window displays give you an opportunity to make a great first impression on passersby. What do yours say? Now is the time to dress your window displays with an enticing look that will ‘Wow’ prospects and draw them into your store

Here are eight quick window dressing tips to help you spruce up and put your best foot forward.

Window displays merchandising monday

1. Shop your own windows as a potential customer. Learn where the shadow areas are and where the prime real estate resides.


2. Choose an underlying theme that unifies your product selection – celebrate the season, highlight a color, or tell a visual story.

  • Pro Tip: Add pillows for pops of color. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes and are the easiest way to give depth to your showcases and window displays. Use smaller pillows to display pendants or bracelets, and larger ones for the showstoppers. This approach draws attention to the ‘star’ of your display — a fancy new custom design or another outstanding style.


3. Remember, window displays have three dimensions. Ideally, you arrange a pyramid of items in the center of your window, making everything easily visible from different angles. Use tiers, pedestals, and risers to help you achieve height.

  • Pro Tip: Apply the Rule of Three. When thinking about your store’s visual merchandising, remember that groups of three have strong visual appeal and are easy on your customer’s eyes. Elevate your most popular styles with risers, enhancing the focus and drawing customers to the featured product of your choosing.


4. Change your window displays often. Research shows that keeping your windows fresh draws attention and attracts customers into your store.


5. Display just the right amount of products. It may take some trial and error, but you don’t want too many or too few.



Window Displays Lighting Merchandising Monday

6. Research shows that the right lighting can double your sales. Bright spotlights will help highlight the colors and textures of your jewelry, giving life to your window displays.


7. Good signage adds to any display. Incorporate it as part of your overall design calling out product trends such as engravables, two-stone designs, or stackables. You can also use signage to group products by price point. This helps your customers and sales associates find the perfect match, especially when looking for ideally priced gifts.

  • Pro Tip: Keep your inventory easily identifiable with colored tags. Avoid pricing confusion at all costs. A dream sale can turn into a nightmare quickly if your sales associate and/or customer becomes confused over pricing, leading to an unsatisfactory shopping experience. Have no fear! Colored jewelry tags allow you to manage your sales strategies and inventory with ease.


8. Whether through visual elements or splashes of color, continue the theme from your window displays throughout your store for a consistent customer experience.

  • Pro Tip: Incorporate your branding into your window displays. Establishing an effective marketing and branding strategy is one of the keys to securing brand recognition. An effective brand identity anchors your store in the customer’s mind and creates a halo effect that results in more devoted customers and more sales. Include your store’s logo with custom imprinting on totes, ribbons, tissue paper, and packaging. When you take a more aggressive approach to branding, you create a memorable customer experience from window shopping through to a satisfied purchase. For more on branding opportunities, visit
Window Displays Branding Logo Custom Imprinting

What do your window displays look like? Share your advice in the comments below! Or, post pictures of your displays on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter with the hashtags #MerchandisingMonday and #HowIStuller.


Emily Graffagnino

Executive Director of Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

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