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Feature Friday – Vanessa Jones

The Army veteran turned digital merchandiser

vcj-army-picStuller happens to be one of the largest employers in Acadiana, and jewelry happens to be the business. My older brother worked here for several years and so did many family members. He seemed to enjoy working here and spoke of Stuller often, so I decided to apply and see what Stuller had to offer. I applied for three positions, interviewed for two of the three, and was eventually hired as a Data Entry Clerk because of my 10-key experience.

I’ve held many positions and have worked in several departments within the organization during my 22-year career with Stuller. I began working in the Finishing Department as a Data Entry Clerk in 1994. In fall of 1995, I transferred to Customer Service as a Credit Processor, responsible for processing customer returns. I worked tirelessly to prove my skills and took the initiative to train others within the department, without an official title. I was eventually promoted to CS trainer, then CS Group Leader and ultimately CS Manager. I worked in CS for 11 years. In May of 2005, I was promoted into Merchandising as a Project Manager. In July 2008, I was promoted to Product Manager. In May 2011, I was promoted to the E-commerce Department as Digital Merchandising Manager where I’ve been for five years. What’s kept me in the industry is my love for jewelry and desire to share it with retailers all over the world.

la-marathonAs a Digital Merchandising Manager, I’m currently responsible for optimizing the sales performance of our large breadth of products on I feel enthusiastic that my role helps facilitate customers’ buying decisions. In my daily job, I am able to help to make our customers heroes by offering compelling product assortments and an easy, user-friendly shopping environment. Throughout my career, personalization and technology has definitely evolved. It’s become the norm for customers to personalize their jewelry choices through technology.

My favorite Stuller memory is traveling on the corporate jet with executives the first time I attended a trade show — JCK Las Vegas. The experience was nothing like commercial; it was amazing! On my off time, I enjoy running and exercise, helping others, and spending time with my grandchildren. These all help me lead a balanced life, nurturing the physical and spiritual aspects.

coloradoI’m inspired by the “never settle” mentality of the organization. We’re never satisfied with our successes. We recognize that we do a lot of things well, but we continuously press on and look for ways to improve our processes to make things even better. What keeps me going is my faith in God. I know that He is responsible for my encounters. I constantly seek him for discernment to realign and determine my purpose here on earth. It motivates me to figure out what’s on the other side of my obedience to him. In fact, my advice to my younger self would be this: Keep God first. Don’t let praise go to your head or criticism to your heart. Seek to understand then to be understood. Surround yourself with people that will feed your soul.


Vanessa Jones

I’ve been with Stuller since 1994 • I am the mother of identical twin daughters • My grandbabies call me “Honey” and I absolutely love being a grandmother • I am a retired Army First Sergeant • I have a very tight shot group and promise not to miss if I shoot! • Flats hurt my feet; I’m a heels girl • Still looking for the money tree in my backyard • I’m told that I look like Dr. Olivia Winters (Tonya Lee Williams) from The Young & The Restless