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Finding Inspiration Unique Shapes

Finding Inspiration: Fancy Shapes

Newest Shape Settings and Shank Styles Set the Stage for Sparkle.

With fancy shaped stones gaining popularity, it can often be hard to find the perfect setting without creating a custom design to fit these stones. We are excited to introduce our newest assortment of fancy shape settings and shank styles that will let you offer customers even more options. As your partner in customizable jewelry, we want to help you by making it easy to create the rings your customers will cherish forever.  New Side-Stone Settings: Half Moon read more…

A Stuller Ring Story: Mindi and Brad

Expertly hand-picked fancy diamond cuts make for unique bridal sets.

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.  Throughout this year, we have celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of engagement rings, wedding bands, and the stories behind them. Every ring, no matter the style, comes with a one-of-a-kind touch. While many stories involve read more…