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Finding Inspiration: Fancy Shapes

Newest Shape Settings and Shank Styles Set the Stage for Sparkle.

With fancy shaped stones gaining popularity, it can often be hard to find the perfect setting without creating a custom design to fit these stones. We are excited to introduce our newest assortment of fancy shape settings and shank styles that will let you offer customers even more options. As your partner in customizable jewelry, we want to help you by making it easy to create the rings your customers will cherish forever. 

New Side-Stone Settings: Half Moon and Trapezoid 

Our newest shank styles feature a pair of 4-prong side-stone settings that are ready to show off the main attraction, the center stone. Each shank is available in a range of precious metal qualities and colors. These shanks paired with Stuller Lab-Grown Diamonds™ are a great price point option.


New Lab-Grown Diamonds: Half Moon and Trapezoid Matched Pairs

Stuller Lab-Grown Diamonds are physically, optically, and chemically identical to natural diamonds. Our new half moon shaped lab-grown diamonds are romantic with a soft, rounded shape like the half or crescent phase of the moon with a straight edge on one side. Half moons will complement princess, emerald, radiant, oval, or cushion shaped center stones.  

Don’t forget that we also have new trapezoid shaped lab-grown diamond pairs which are extremely popular for side stones. Trapezoids have four sides, with the bottom sides parallel to each other and the other sides inclined inwards. They especially enhance emerald or asscher shaped center stones.

Shop our half moon and trapezoid shaped lab-grown diamond matched pairs today.

fancy shape trapezoid matching pair diamonds

Morgan Boudreaux, with our Diamond & Gemstone team says, “These two new lab-grown matched pair additions are the perfect versatile side stones to any ring. These shapes are available in F-G, VS quality across three carat sizes.” 

Our lab-grown diamonds have outstanding prices that attract many consumers, allowing them to purchase a larger stone with better color and clarity. Interested in learning more about Stuller Lab-Grown Diamonds™? Please check out our blog post Lab-Grown Diamonds: Knowing What You’re Getting.


Molly Kowalski

Former Staff Writer