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Stuller Welcomes On-site GIA Melee Analysis Service

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Independently operated inside Stuller's Global Headquarters

GIA (Gemological Institute of America®) brought its gemological expertise right here inside Stuller’s facilities in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thanks to a pioneering strategic service arrangement, Stuller will begin offering melee screened by the GIA Melee Analysis Service for diamond parcels coming through the building. GIA staff will screen melee on-site as they independently operate the GIA-owned system in a dedicated, secure space.

Why GIA Melee Analysis Service?

“GIA® is the most trusted gemological authority in the industry,” reports Stanley Zale, vice president of diamonds and gemstones procurement. “Therefore there is no one better than GIA for Stuller to rely on to deliver on our commitment to represent the product we are selling correctly.”

Launched in December 2016, the GIA Melee Analysis Service applies GIA’s decades of research into natural, treated and synthetic diamonds. Their advanced system quickly and accurately separates natural diamonds from simulants, synthetics, and HPHT treated natural diamonds. And while their technology screens, it sorts and color grades (D-to-Z) natural diamonds. GIA Melee Analysis Service will test all Stuller round melee in sizes 0.9mm to 4.0mm.

On Monday, April 16, Stuller officially commenced using the GIA Melee Analysis Service with a ceremonial ribbon cutting with Thomas M. Moses, GIA executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer, and Stuller president Danny Clark. See below.

GIA Melee Analysis Service Ribbon Cutting

What this means for your business

Now more than ever, diamond and gemstone authenticity is of great concern in this fast-changing industry. So, to address the ever-present issue of lab-grown/synthetic and treated diamonds mixed into melee parcels, Stuller will employ GIA’s automated service to analyze and sort our melee diamonds quickly and accurately. The service can screen 1,800 to 2,000 stones per hour, enabling Stuller to deliver diamonds promptly while ensuring integrity.

“Locating our service within Stuller’s premises allows GIA to rapidly and efficiently analyze a higher volume of melee diamonds, helping to protect the consumer and ensure their confidence in the most prevalent stones in the market,” said Thomas M. Moses, GIA executive vice president of laboratory and research.

GIA’s mission to serve the public brings end-consumers the quality and assurance they’re due. And by working with GIA, Stuller mirrors those values to deliver diamonds with integrity and certitude we can stand behind.

GIA Melee Analysis Service

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