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Sell With a Story: Living in a Turquoise Daze

turquoise fine jewelry

Discover the latest gemstone jewelry trend and find the perfect color pairing.

The summer months are upon us, and you know what that means — summer fashion trends! We’ve spoken before about a rising trend in colored gemstone jewelry being seen on the market and new styles our team is providing to answer that. Summer is a time of bold color and eye-catching flair. The robin’s egg blue that Turquoise is particularly known for is seeing a lot of attention this season, and we have the solution for you. Let’s immerse ourselves in all that Turquoise has to offer and look at beautiful gemstones that pair well with it for a dazzling summer ensemble.

What Is Turquoise?

The use of Turquoise in jewelry has been traced throughout history dating back to ancient times. It sometimes features a weblike pattern called a matrix (Spider Web Turquoise) or golden flecks of pyrite (Kingman Turquoise), but the most prized Turquoise is a glossy, smooth robin’s egg blue. While many value it for its visual appeal, others also enjoy the symbolism attached to the gemstone. Turquoise is believed to be a powerful protection stone by warding off evil as well as attracting tranquility and positivity.

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Turquoise Fine Jewelry: The Next Chapter in Trending Style

302® Fine Jewelry is your business’ solution to staying on top of the latest jewelry trends with styles that encourage your customers to wear their story. By mixing and matching these price-point friendly pieces, each wearer can display their style while telling a unique story about themselves. Throughout the year, we introduce product releases that cater to the latest trends so you can always offer styles your customers are looking for.

The latest product release from 302 Fine Jewelry brings a perfect touch of Turquoise to your case and will be the highlight of your summer offering. Featuring Turquoise pieces as well as turquoise-colored enamel and complementary styles, these new products are the trending solutions your customers have been wanting. Chapter 9: Turquoise Daze will encourage the wearer to let down their hair, breathe in the tranquility of summer, and live their Mediterranean dreams!

Creating Summer Color Pairings

One of the benefits of Turquoise is that it looks great with other gemstones, particularly contrasting colors. Liven any ensemble with warm-toned gemstones that each tell their own story when paired with a stunning Turquoise piece.

turquoise color palettes

Yellow Moissanite and Yellow Sapphire

When paired with Turquoise, the bright yellow varieties of Moissanite and Sapphire resemble the beaming summer sun while taking a leisurely stroll down the beach.

Citrine and Orange Sapphire

In keeping with that summer sun theme, vibrant orange hues seen in Citrine and some Sapphires when paired with Turquoise resemble the golden hour of sunset on an evening spent on the patio with a good summer drink.

turquoise color palettes

Rhodolite Garnet and Ruby

The deep red color exhibited by Rhodolite Garnet and Ruby against Turquoise is a fire and ice combination like a cool glass of water while sitting around the embers of a campfire.

Pink Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline

The electric pink that Sapphire and Tourmaline bring when paired with Turquoise represent a beautiful assortment of summer flowers. Are you a fan of Viva Magenta, this year’s Pantone Color of the Year? Try out this combo for the perfect on-trend look.

Colorful Combinations

Make this summer colorful! Whether your customers want to add a splash of blue from a Turquoise accent or seek a palette of shimmering colors, Stuller’s fine jewelry and gemstones teams have everything you could need. Enjoy the summer months and use #HowIStuller when showing off any colorful statements you create.


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