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Seek Your Center With Stuller’s Religious Lookbook

A glimpse at our religious lookbook - Centered in Faith

If there was ever a need for calm and contemplation, it is now. We’ve all had our fill of icy gray days — even here in the South, where we’ve experienced more than our usual share of wintry weather. And we’ve all had the ongoing stresses and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We long to see azaleas blooming, followed by fresh sprouts of green as trees slowly don their springtime attire. That’s where FAITH comes in.

We greet spring’s rebirth and renewal with our new lookbook, Centered in Faith, focused on religious and spiritual jewelry. Each piece offers your customers beautiful and meaningful ways to celebrate this joyful season long associated with the power of spirituality and faith to revive our love of life.

Be ready for celebrations and inspirations by having several of the lookbook’s new and best-selling styles in your cases. If customers want more choices, show them the printed version of Centered in Faith or use the interactive digital version on They’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for a gift or themselves.


For those of a Christian faith, the lookbook offers abundant jewelry featuring crosses, both vertical and sideways. Choose from gold or diamond-accented necklaces, charms, pendants, bracelets, earrings and stacking rings that appeal to many tastes.


Angels & Medals

Angels and Saints Medals appeal to many customers and they’ll discover numerous styles both simple and detailed.


Turn to the East

Does your customer embrace Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy? We offer jewelry featuring multiple symbols that will sooth the mind and refresh the heart.



In addition to these, we carry mezuzah and mizpah pendants, and many variations of the Star of David and Chai jewelry on


Hamsa, Evil Eye, Lotus, Om, and Celtic Knot Jewelry


We mark this season with religious milestones and celebrations such as Easter, First Communions, and Confirmations. Many customers seek symbols reminding us to uplift our thoughts and actions. When a customer puts on any piece featured in this brochure, they have an ongoing reminder to emphasize positive influences in their daily routines.

You can view our full religious and symbolic jewelry collection on our website here.


Elizabeth Raffel

I've been with Stuller since 2013 • Primarily read books on physics and other sciences • Was blown away by 'Breaking Bad' • I believe no woman can have too many boots or too much jewelry • Been writing professionally longer than I care to admit • Studied tailoring after college.