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Stuller promotes diamonds at retail on national television

DTC Sightholder’s Red Box Diamonds featured on Designing Spaces home show

Lafayette, LA (16 September 2008) –Stuller recently promoted diamonds as an “enduring gift for a lifetime” in an effort to aid independent retailers by increasing consumer awareness during the holidays.

Popular national TV home show Designing Spaces may seem the least likely place to pitch diamonds. But, Stuller, a DTC Sightholder, landed an opportunity on one of the show’s annual holiday gift specials that has the potential to publicize its emotional appeal for The Red Box Diamonds® Program to 80 million U.S. households via broadcasts through Christmas. The Designing Spaces’ audience, described as mostly female, between the ages of 25 and 55, with a median household income of $65,000 is the core base of diamond sales.

In late August, Claudia Evans Zale, business development director for Stuller, filmed a six-minute segment at the studios of Quorum Productions, the Deerfield Beach, Florida-based creator of the show, to be featured during the 30-minute program. Appearing with correspondent Jodi Dombrowski, Evans Zale told diamond’s story with emphasis on Stuller’s Red Box Diamond brand and its new Diamond Moments campaign.

The TV program will air on networks after Thanksgiving and through December on such channels as TLC (The Learning Channel), The Food Network, Discovery Channel, WE (Women’s Entertainment), HGTV (Home & Garden Television), Travel Channel, and NBC, CBS, FOX, ION TV and UPN affiliates. Red Box Diamonds® will also benefit from Quorum’s multi-media marketing of themes, products and trends in future programming.

“The impact of this program could be huge for independent retailers,” says Matt Stuller, CEO and founder of Stuller. “By reaching so many consumers with the ‘diamonds make enduring gifts’ message during the holiday shopping season, consumers will be pre-sold on Red Box Diamonds, and diamonds in general, when they walk through the door. Jewelers who capitalize on this opportunity should see results at the sales counter.”

Evans Zale, who spoke with Dombrowski about how and why to buy diamonds, focused her pitch on key life moments with strong emotional significance like the birth of a child; a young woman’s coming of age; birthdays, especially milestone ones; and wedding anniversaries. She also referenced holidays that acknowledge those we love such as Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day as ideal occasions to create personal diamond moments. Not forgetting the all-important female self-purchaser, Evans Zale encouraged women to reward themselves with diamonds.

“Consumers identify with diamond jewelry for many reasons, such as the desire to feel loved, beautiful, or rewarded; or as an outward expression of success and style,” explains Evans Zale about the Diamond Moments campaign. “Especially in today’s tough economy, and with competition for discretionary dollars so high, jewelers can encourage customers to add to or create their diamond jewelry wardrobe by giving them the justification they need to make that purchase—their own diamond moment story.”

According to Ramona Gautreaux, Stuller’s marketing director of diamonds & gemstones, diamonds are faced with the prospect of stiff competition this holiday season, especially from the electronics industry.

“It’s even more critical today to build consumer confidence and customer loyalty,” says Gautreaux. “While others may scale back, we’re certain we have all the resources jewelers need to make every sale that’s coming their way. We’re stepping up our marketing and getting back to basics on the emotional appeal of selling diamonds.”

Stuller created its Red Box program to empower retailers with a brand they could call their own that is a beautifully-packaged, quality product, with value-added benefits such as diamond trade-up, loss protection, grading reports, and engraved ID serial number. A loose diamond brand, Red Box Diamonds® is available in a range of sizes from 3/8 of a carat up, all shapes, D to L color, and I1 clarity and greater, as well as some fancy colors. Since its inception a decade ago, the brand is in about 4,000 jewelry stores nationwide.

Stuller developed the Red Box Diamond Moments campaign as a comprehensive selling system for independent jewelers, including training resources, point-of-purchase tools, and a variety of advertising material. Retailers also have access to Stuller’s virtual inventory and just-in-time delivery, as well as custom design services.

Evans Zale also promoted a contest, on Designing Spaces, for consumers to share their diamond moment stories (Log on to by Dec. 31 for a chance to win a pair of Red Box Diamond stud earrings.)

Gautreaux suggests retailers piggyback on the buzz created by the show in promoting gift registries/wish lists; hosting in-store events that embody special diamond moments; and connecting with area media to plug the local broadcast of Designing Spaces holiday show, as well as to discuss trends and gift ideas as their community’s diamond expert. Jewelers can find local TV listings and additional resources at