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The Mystery of Stuller Dum Dums

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If you’ve ordered from Stuller before, you’ve likely encountered the surprise suckers added into each package. These Dum Dums have become a Stuller staple, a sugary signature to light your eyes and add sweetness to your day. And, if you’re a regular, you may have noticed that depending on the season – Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and the Holidays – we change up our sweet surprises. The reason for this? Well, we like to think of it as traditional southern hospitality – it’s the way our mommas raised us!

So would you believe us if we told you we order over 200 cases of Stuller Dum Dums a year? That’s nearly 500,000 suckers! We also order about 40 cases of candy canes to send out between Thanksgiving and New Years, and then countless strands of beads during Mardi Gras season. We even receive special notes from our customers requesting specific and favorite flavors. And while we can’t guarantee to deliver an exact flavor every time, we’ll try our best! So really, Halloween is just another day, since we’re used to handing out candy year-round.

The Mystery Flavor Mystery

While we order a half million Dum Dums a year, we’re only a very small part of Spangler Candy’s total revenue. In fact, we did the math; it’s about .02% of total sales! So while we’re busy making findings, settings, and mountings, Spangler Candy spits out 12 million lollipops per day! That’s almost 2.5 billion suckers a year. Wow!

But what’s the deal with that Mystery Flavor? Well, it’s actually an ingenious way to save time and money by allowing production to flow continuously. Watch the video below to discover the secret behind the Dum Dum Mystery Flavor.

So Why Does Stuller Send Dum Dums?

We asked a few colorful Stuller characters why we send Dum Dums with each package, and our findings were spectacular! They were so great, in fact, that we had to share this spooky tale, perfect for an All Hallows’ Eve campfire story. It goes like this:


It was a cold and bitter Christmas Eve over forty years ago. Matt Stuller was a man on a quest, making his final holiday deliveries. With just one delivery remaining, Matt had grown weary. He needed to get across town faster than ever if he was to make the drop in time. There was only one way; through the haunted cypress woods. It was risky, but he had to do it.

Matt was halfway through the mysterious forest when suddenly, his Datsun 280z ran out of gas. Matt dropped his head. There was no way he would make the delivery in time.

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

The startling blows to his window cut his thoughts short. A shadowy figure appeared. “Hello, child. Don’t be frightened,” the hooded figure said. “I’m a traveler of these parts – a messenger of fortune by trade, and today you are embraced with warm fortune. The package . . . Give it to ME! I will deliver it. It is my power. It is my gift.”

In the blink of an eye, the package was GONE! Spinning in a panic, Matt found the shrouded figure reappear just where he’d seen her last. But now, she stood empty-handed, having delivered the last remaining order. She was fast. Magically fast. “My goodness!” exclaimed Matt. “Thank you! How could I ever repay you!?”

Stuller Dum Dums Michael Bartlett
Michael Bartlett, Short Story Author and Virtual Designer

A shaky hand reached out, “Know this! My magic is not without sacrifice. My energy dwindles. The only way to survive and restore my life force is with Dum Dum suckers. I will order a special jewelry item from you one day; and on this day, you will send me the jewelry. You will send it fast and you will include Stuller Dum Dums!”

And with a flash, the eerie traveler vanished. Matt was confused, astonished, and grateful. Not having any clue who this mysterious woman was, Matt was forced to include Stuller Dum Dums in every order from that day forward. So it’s the shadowy figure, the gifted messenger, who not only delivered Matt’s final package on that fateful night but in turn, is responsible for the good fortune included in every Stuller order.

But What’s the Real Story Behind Stuller Dum Dums?

Though we can’t exactly confirm the validity of the story above, there are two overarching truths that we wholeheartedly endorse: speedy delivery and Stuller Dum Dums. And while there are many theories about our little lollipops, there’s only one way to solve the mystery behind the Stuller Dum Dums. So we consulted the man himself. Here’s what Matt Stuller had to say, setting the story straight once and for all!

“In South Louisiana, we always want to give a little bit of wow, a little bit of excitement to our customers. And with our French heritage, we call it giving a little lagniappe [pronounced lan-yap], something extra. So in every package that goes out, we add a lollipop to remind customers that we’re always there and we want to give them a bit extra than what they ordered!” – Matt Stuller

So there you have it – the mystery is finally solved! Stuller Dum Dums are lagniappe, a little something extra for our loyal customers. Now you’ve heard the real story, but surely there’s more to the story, right? Why do you suppose we send out Stuller Dum Dums? Let us know your wildest theories in the comments below!

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