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More than a thousand words – Part III

3 crucial considerations in photo-editing

You’ve done it. You’ve created the perfect ring. You brought your vision to life and now you’re ready to sell that bad boy. You’ve read our parts one and two in this series and learned how to take perfect picture. But it’s still not looking exactly right. If you can identify with this scenario then you might need the help of a photo-editing application.

For this installment, we’ll go over a couple of post-production tips that are common in every photo-editing program. And, to make it even easier we’ll be demonstrating the tips using a free online resource called PicMonkey. This program lets you upload your photograph and edit on the spot. No software download or IT degree required.

Where do you expend your editing efforts for maximum results? We recommend these three areas.

Brightness and contrast

Exposure can be hard to perfect because of all the shiny surfaces. I mean, it’s jewelry after all. Under the exposure tab of PicMonkey, you’ll see the adjustments for brightness and contrast. Adjust each to your liking. The brightness will help to make your image look clean, while the sharpness will help to amplify the polish of your piece.


Many things can affect the clarity of the image, from the lights you’re using to the atmosphere where you’re taking the picture. To bring the image to its prime, use the sharpen feature. Pay close attention to how far you push the contrast. Too much contrast will have your piece looking grainy; too little will make it blurry.


Composition of an image can turn an ordinary picture to something more captivating. Now that your jewelry has received all the finessing, for the final tip, be sure to make sure your image has people looking twice. Cropping is a great way to add more focus on the product you want to feature instead of unimportant parts that made their way into the frame. Don’t be afraid to fill the frame with your image. Make use of all white space and filled space.

Have you had luck with any of these tips? How do you use photography in your marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Daniel Maldonado

Digital Photographer

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