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Swarovski Created Stones Play Well With Millennial Pinks

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Merging millennial tones with morganite to represent the changing times

‘Yes to All’, ‘Girl Power’, ‘The Millennials’ — These terms and trends are defining our era


Women have claimed center stage in a long overdue public debate that has finally captured everyone’s attention. Empowered by the efforts of previous generations, millennials around the globe can assume equality in all spheres as never before. Trendsetters, influencers, and achievers — women say yes to all of it.

Millennial pinks — delicate soft rose shades — express this confident femininity. And in the world of jewelry, on-trend morganite reflects our attitude.

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Morganite

Morganite and Millennials

First discovered on an island near Madagascar, Morganite’s delicate pink and peach tones command the attention of young consumers. These colors are universally flattering, chic, and eminently wearable for special occasions and every day. Colored stones’ popularity for engagement rings also positions morganite with as a top contender for today’s self-confident woman.

We date the rise of the pink stone trend back to Jennifer Lopez’s impressive pink diamond on her engagement to Ben Affleck in 2002. And this trend continues into 2018. Princess Eugenie, a granddaughter of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, chose a blush-colored padparadscha sapphire ring for her engagement to boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank. Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie’s mother, was engaged to Prince Andrew, with a center stone similar in color to her daughter’s. And the style Eugenie selected looks very close to that of her mother’s engagement ring.

Millennials seek deeper meaning when making such an important choice. This delicate, halo-style engagement ring will fuel morganite’s ongoing popularity. But for those on a less-than-royal budget, suggest Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Morganite. New to Swarovski Zirconia’s attractive color palette, these stones shimmer in millennial pinks and are an ideal selection for today’s discerning millennial.

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Pantone Palette

Swarovski’s Gem Visions 2019

Color trends in fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle also play a vibrant part in the growing popularity of morganite. Swarovski Gemstones’ trend guide, Gem Visions, has adopted the ‘Yes To All’ slogan as its manifesto and addresses a new era of design-driven, meaningful creativity.

The just-released Spring/Summer 2019 edition hones in on delectable pastels, including irresistible millennial pinks and morganite, of course. The guide looks at how millennials relate to the fast-evolving world of jewelry, to the new retail revolution, and to a new type of purchasing experience. But above all, it addresses an issue at the very forefront of today’s debate: the rise of the bold, independent, yet resolutely feminine woman.

This edition of Gem Visions features “The Millennial Pinks” including the Swarovski range of offerings — Lab Created Morganite Pink Zirconia. The stone embodies the ever-popular morganite and presents itself in the trend color of the moment. Commenting on the Millennial Pinks trend, Gem Visions says: “These shades also capture the drive to nurture that is such a strong characteristic of this generation; the soft, warm, gentle colors speak of hope, positivity, and compassion.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2019

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In jewelry, Millennial Pinks combine beautifully with bold color contrasts, neutral shades, and other gentler pastels. Morganite-colored stones are natural partners for rose gold settings, while equally stunning in white or yellow precious metal settings. Can there be a better jewel and color to satisfy the millennial woman? Which other stone communicates a strong desire to make a statement, and express individuality? Is there a better choice for the woman prepared to say ‘Yes To All’, to take on any challenge, and to fulfill her potential?

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Morganite Zirconia Gemstones

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