Trend Alert: Metal Minimalism

Simple designs that leave lasting impressions


For thousands of years, we’ve treasured silver and gold. They are beautiful and, most importantly, rare. Their burnished sheen entices the eye and holds our attention. And the enduring value of these precious metal enhances their appeal. No matter the case, bare metal is beautiful. That’s why we were so delighted when JCK News declared minimalism a re-emerging trend for 2017.

This trend fully embodies the adage, “less is more,” celebrating a metal’s texture, form, and finish. Rather than boasting intricate pattern or fine detail, these pieces command attention through their elegant simplicity. Minimalism also wraps all our favorite elements together, combining geometry, negative space, symbolism, and fashion. To send a subtle, simple, and sophisticated message, choose these minimalist looks. They’ll carry you into 2017 and beyond with poise and panache. Below, see a few inspiring picks that portray this trend.

Charming Symbols



Setting the Bar


 Refined Rings



A Step Above Studs



Cuffs With Class


Do you absolutely love the minimalism trend? How have your customers received this style? Will this be the defining trend of 2017? Share your thoughts below!


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