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Gemvision Virtual Summit Returns

Gemvision Virtual Summit

Get an inside look at the second edition of this popular online event.

Join us for the second edition of the Gemvision Virtual Summit from May 16-20, 2022, to discover the best practices and strategies to take your custom jewelry business to the next level alongside industry experts. Immerse yourself in innovative ideas while learning the latest in Stuller digital solutions.

Discover our special promotional packages available for purchase, from May 16-20, 2022 by sending an email to or call 800-357-6272.

Check out this year’s event lineup and register at

gemvision virtual summit

Future First: Jewelry Trends and More

May 16

Our experts will discuss industry trends, new consumer buying habits, opportunities, challenges that our industry has faced, and more. Additionally, they will talk about Stuller’s digital solutions that can help your business continue to grow.

Custom Jewelry: An Introduction to Stuller Customization

May 17

The world of retail is rapidly changing from mass-market to a more personalized approach as shoppers seek out individualized ways to express themselves through their jewelry choices. Identifying individual design needs and providing instant solutions to your customers’ requirements are key to cultivating a long-lasting relationship with them.

Stuller’s custom solutions have everything you need to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Join this session to explore the latest in custom jewelry design software and help boost your business.

CounterSketch®: Next-Level Customer Experience

May 18

Want to offer an even more inclusive shopper experience? Utilize the Complete Bridal Solution integration between CounterSketch® and the B9Creations™ 3D printing solution to provide customers with non-castable resin samples of their jewelry to try on — all within the first visit! See this experience in action and discover the best partnership of technology that can create unexpected customer experiences on the sales floor.

MatrixGold®: Leading Jewelry Design Software

May 19

Join this session to discover the latest tools and functionalities as well as the benefits that come from designing with MatrixGold®. Create designs from scratch by utilizing dynamic and non-dynamic commands, make modifications easily with parametric history, and organically model with Sub D and Clayoo.

3D Printing: The Future of Jewelry

May 20

The global jewelry 3D printing industry will continue its climb in the future thanks to the growing demand for jewelry customization, which means manufacturers and sellers must adapt to this technology to deliver better products and move their business forward.

Join this session to understand how this 3D printing technology adds value to your custom business and watch the B9Creations™ Core Series 3D printers in action with MatrixGold® and CounterSketch® to create rapid prototyping and manufacturing.


Yiset Lopez

Gemvision Digital Marketing Manager