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Feature Friday – Jett Pesson

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This dedicated IT Analyst helps to build a better Stuller for our customers

“I stay inspired by looking toward the future, envisioning where this company is heading, and realizing my role in getting it there!” – Jett Pesson


After working in the oil industry, I began looking for a career with more stability, and I felt the jewelry industry had just what I wanted! When I was younger, the sheer size and aesthetic appeal of Stuller’s headquarters always sparked my curiosity. As I got older and realized that I needed to start looking for a career and not just another job, I began talking to people who worked at Stuller. This led me to view Stuller as a company with room to grow and the opportunity to establish a lifelong career. Looking toward my future, I applied for an entry-level position in the Fulfillment Department. I figured this would help to get my foot in the door and get a feel for the company from the ground up.

Jett Pesson: User Support Analyst
Jett Pesson IT User Systems Analyst

To broaden my knowledge and build my skill set, I helped in every department in the building as needed. I would start my day in Fulfillment, and then lend a hand in Shipping and Tools when work started to pile up. Later in the evening when things began to slow, I’d end up on the manufacturing side, helping PPM pull wax molds until the building closed.

Once I really started to get a feel for the Stuller process, I began helping the IT department in any way I could. Anytime we experienced system or equipment issues, I tried to troubleshoot as best I could. In doing so, I learned a lot! I’ll never forget the moment I received the call from the IT department for an interview; I couldn’t have been more excited! Suddenly, I realized that my hard work at Stuller hadn’t gone unnoticed. I secured the position in IT, making it my first and only full-time department move since starting at Stuller.

Jett Pesson catches a keeper!
Jett Pesson Fishing Outdoors

Currently, I’m still hard at work in IT as the User Support Analyst. My role consists of troubleshooting, Oracle testing and development, giving tech support to anyone who needs it, and everything in between. Nothing feels better than being presented with an issue and solving it or hatching an idea that will better the company, then follow through to make it happen. I love technology and its role in the jewelry industry, which grows exponentially by the day. The incorporation of tools like 3D printing and robotic automation into our company is fascinating. I love the technological growth I’ve seen in this industry, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

In my daily job, I strive to make our employees’ jobs easier, which in turn, creates a better experience for our customers. I stay inspired by looking toward the future, envisioning where this company is heading, and realizing my role in getting it there. Looking at Stuller, I’ve seen daily routines change for the better. While these individual changes can seem small, collectively, they make a huge impact. I’ve also seen a positive change in customer care with dedicated employees working hard for our customers.

Jett Pesson, his girlfriend Stephenie, and their pup Penny explore Lake Fausse Pointe
Jett Pesson Lake Fausse Point Fishing

On my time off, I love going to Lake Fausse Pointe, a local state park, fishing, and playing video games. I also really like woodworking and tinkering with anything that has a circuit board.

If I had the opportunity to change anything about my life, I wouldn’t; I don’t think I’d give my younger self any advice, even if I could. I’m happy with the way things are going, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. After all, Doc Brown wouldn’t approve of altering the timeline!

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Jett Pesson

I have many hobbies – from carpentry to computers • Luckily my job involves one • Love my job, company, and customers • A good day for me is a challenging one • If its broken, I can fix it; even if I have to call Shannon • Also, David Daspit is the man!