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5 Ways to Weave CounterSketch Software Practice Into Your Daily Workflow

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Find time to flex your skills with these easy software application ideas

It’s no secret that practice is pivotal to perfecting your performance— ask any football player who spent months gearing up for this season. Yet, how in the world can you find time for CounterSketch software practice for yourself and your employees? After all, your days are busy and the customer must always come first.

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Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate CounterSketch software practice into your daily routine. And best of all, these tactics might even drive custom jewelry traffic right to your store!

1. Assign a designer of the week

Most jewelry stores set up and put away the jewelry in their showcases every day. For most employees, this becomes a mundane activity. Try designating a different employee each week as the designer of the week. This person is responsible for setting up the store’s CounterSketch station and designing a ring for the rest of the staff as they set out the jewelry showcases.

While this sounds like a simple exercise, it will encourage your sales staff to think of CounterSketch as an extension of your live inventory. It will also force each employee to get familiar with the software, using it each day for a week. Also, onlooking employees might learn design techniques they haven’t seen before. And in the end, you’ll have a beautifully designed ring on a sales floor monitor that may catch a customers’ attention when you open for business. The designer of the week may also take renders of all their designs and post them on social media to share their design style and personality!

2. Get inspired by old inventory

You know that box of loose gemstones in your safe or that piece of jewelry that’s taken up real estate in your showcase since gold was $600/oz? Challenge your employees to remount the style using CounterSketch. This is excellent practice for working with heirloom jewelry and weighing custom remount options. You may be surprised by how many variations your employees create and how they express their design styles. Then, post before and after photos of the old inventory and redesigned renders on social media. You’ll flex your store’s customization capabilities and might even inspire your customers to consider their own remount project.

3. Tell everyone about your custom services

Customers often find themselves wandering about the sales floor. They may be waiting on a watch battery, picking up a repair, or perhaps just browsing. Encourage your sales staff to take the opportunity to introduce CounterSketch. In preparation, have your employees practice a two-minute demo or elevator pitch demonstrating CounterSketch’s abilities. Many customers are unaware that computer-aided design is an option in the jewelry space.

This demo helps in two ways: your customer will be more informed about the services you offer and your employees get CounterSkech software practice in front of a live audience. Also, challenge your team to describe your customization process using imagery on social media. You can tell a compelling custom engagement or remount story using your own photography and renders. Or, if you used Stuller’s CAD/CAM services, ask about our More Than a Ring book option.

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4. Propose an option the customer didn’t expect

I often hear about customers who have strong partnerships with their jewelers. They reach out asking for jewelry ideas and seek help commemorating life’s milestones. These customers rely on their jewelers to prescribe the trendiest pieces that are exactly what their loved ones desire. It’s no easy task! Sure, you can look through your showcase and select a piece from inventory that may meet their satisfaction. Or, next time this opportunity arises, squeeze in some extra CounterSketch software practice by offering at least one custom option.

Try this: create a true one-of-a-kind surprise for your customer by showing them not only what an incredible designer you are, but also how well you know them. For example, ruby is a traditional 40th-anniversary gift choice. Perhaps you would design a ruby halo ring in CounterSketch surrounded by forty diamonds, one for each year of marriage. Use CounterSketch’s flexibility to tell a personalized story that commemorates not just any anniversary, but their special 40th anniversary.

5. Get professional help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Gemvision offers both online and in-person training options for CounterSketch. We also provide free monthly solution sessions webinars to help train and challenge your sales staff with a little CounterSketch software practice.

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