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Birthstone Roses Trimmed in 24-Karat Gold

Discover the meaning behind each of Stuller’s lacquered birthstone roses hand painted with 24-karat gold trim.

At Stuller, we’ve combined the extraordinary beauty of roses along with the twelve traditional birthstone colors. Each of our signature birthstone roses are a work of art, lovingly handcrafted by our artisans over several months from real roses grown in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Starting with long stem roses of every shape, size, and color imaginable, each rose is delicately prepared, making sure every petal is perfect. The leaves and stem are also treated before the finishing touches are carefully applied. Finally, the roses are dipped in lacquer and then hand-painted with 24-karat gold trim.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Birthstone Roses

William Shakespeare immortalized the rose in his play, Romeo and Juliet. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is the famous line from Juliet’s soliloquy in which she argues that it shouldn’t matter that Romeo comes from her family’s rival house of Montague.

However, long before Shakespeare’s time, this ancient ornamental flower was known and cultivated for its beauty and heady scent for several thousands of years. Roses have traditionally represented love and friendship, and their colors have distinct meanings.

Birthstones, associated with the twelve months of the year, originated in the 16th century in either Poland or Germany. Each birthstone color has various meanings and an interesting history behind it. Additionally, certain personality traits are connected to each month of the year.

January | Garnet

Long ago garnets were thought to be remedies for certain inflammatory diseases and that they could soothe an angry heart. Red garnets were connected to love, light, and vitality, and they were associated with life-giving blood. Those born in January are known to be feisty, spontaneous, and willing to take on any challenges. The garnet-colored birthstone rose represents energy, confidence, willpower, passion, friendship, health, and love.

February | Amethyst

Ancient Greeks believed that an amethyst guarded one against intoxication. Because of its deep purple color, legends associated amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine. The word “amethyst” comes from amethystos, a Greek word meaning sober. Those born in February are known for being highly intelligent with an excellent sense for business. They can set others at ease with a simple word or calming presence. The amethyst-colored birthstone rose represents peace, serenity, security, sincerity, spirituality, mental clarity, healing, and true happiness.

March | Aquamarine

The word “aquamarine” comes from the Latin word for seawater. Ancient believers used the gemstone to protect seafarers and wish them a safe voyage. Those with an aquamarine birthstone are said to have the ability to invoke the tranquility of the sea. March babies can summon a sense of calm in the people around them. They’re also known as great communicators, deeply valued for their compassion and honesty, and possess superior intellect. The aquamarine-colored birthstone rose represents health, honesty, loyalty, hope, and youth.

April | White Diamond

Since diamonds were discovered around 2500 B.C., these alluring gems have inspired many myths and legends by cultures around the world. Some believed that diamonds were tears from the gods or splinters that had broken off from falling stars, possessing magical qualities and superpowers far beyond the understanding of humans. Those born in April are known for their determination, and due to their sparkly nature, they love all things luxury. The white diamond-colored birthstone rose represents strength, wealth, everlasting love, purity, loyalty, openheartedness, and courage.

May | Emerald

Legend has it that emeralds could promote healing, cure diseases like malaria, and protect the wearer against evil spells. When placed under the tongue, an emerald supposedly provided the ability to predict the future. Cleopatra was well-known for wearing a lot of emeralds since it was her favorite gemstone. Those born in the month of May tend to be loving and compassionate and can help people see past their differences to find common ground. The emerald-colored birthstone rose represents youth, fertility, rebirth, wisdom, success in love, new growth, patience, and good fortune.

June | Pearl

Ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Mythology claimed that pearls were teardrops from mermaids, angels, or pieces of the moon that fell into the sea. During the Renaissance period, pearls were a symbol of nobility and prestige, worn mainly by royals. June babies often love to travel and are known for their enthusiasm and sense of clarity. They have a reputation for being spontaneous and navigating new situations well. The pearl-colored birthstone rose represents success, happiness, honesty, purity, wisdom, and love.

July | Ruby

Regarded as the “king of gems,” rubies were favored by warriors and credited with increasing the strength and stamina of the wearer. Rubies were also thought to calm anger and protect those who wore it from evil spirits. July babies can be quite showy and may sing, dance, or take part in theatrical performances. Their self-confidence helps them become excellent leaders. Those born in July are known for their love and passion in all aspects of life. The ruby-colored birthstone rose represents wisdom, health, love, physicality, and strength.

August | Peridot

It was once thought that keeping a peridot close to the body overnight would keep evil spirits away. Another legend states that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the Hawaiian fire goddess, Pele. August babies have a reputation for being incredibly kind with a friendly, welcoming nature. They tend to be charming extroverts who love it when they’re put in the spotlight or find themselves the center of attention.  The peridot-colored birthstone rose represents good fortune, power, and strength.

September | Sapphire

Sapphires, considered a protective gemstone, were once thought to guard against evil and poisoning, shielding the wearer from physical harm. Ancient civilizations used the stone as an example when writing about faith, wisdom, purity, trust and loyalty. Greeks wore it for guidance when asking the oracle for answers. Buddhists believed the sapphire could bring spiritual enlightenment. September babies tend to be calm and reserved, only opening up with those who are closest to them. The sapphire-colored birthstone rose represents serenity, spirituality, purity, wisdom, loyalty, and nobility.

October | Opal

Opals are associated with light and magic because of the unique variety of colors within them. Some believed that opals could make the wearer invisible. Necklaces with opals set in them were also worn to repel evil and to protect one’s eyesight. Many cultures described opals as supernatural, able to guard against disease and give the gift of prophecy. Those born in October are protective, faithful, and loyal to those close to them. They make good leaders and effective mentors. The opal-colored birthstone rose represents good luck, hope, truth, and purity.

November | Topaz

During the Middle Ages, carved topaz was thought to bring the wearer wealth, esteem, and special powers. Others believed that topaz rendered the wearer invisible. When kept under a pillow, topaz supposedly kept nightmares at bay. Those born in November are normally the life of the party. They love to have a good time and people just naturally gravitate toward them. November babies are lucky — especially with finances. The topaz-colored birthstone rose represents wisdom, friendship, longevity, love, and affection

December | Blue Zircon

Zircon is mentioned throughout the Old Testament, and in the book of Exodus, it is one of the many gemstones adorning Aaron’s breastplate. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that zircon could give someone a good night’s rest, as well as good fortune Those born in December are typically self-confident and great at building relationships. They know how to persevere and are often called “old souls” who are wise beyond their years. The blue zircon-colored birthstone rose represents good luck, happiness, positive energy, prosperity, honor, and spiritual protection.

Thoughtful Gifts For Every Occasion

Birthstone Roses

Birthstone roses are meant to last a lifetime, and they make thoughtful gifts for any occasion such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, holidays, graduation, and more.

Each rose is elegantly wrapped in gold tissue and packaged in a gold, two-piece outer box. Our birthstone roses are thornless, and they will never wilt. Best of all, your customers can always enjoy their beauty without ever having to worry about watering them.

Stuller’s complete line of lacquered roses features more than 40 unique choices, including the 12 birthstone roses in this article, and 32 additional colors. Stems are approximately 12″ long and are gold plated. As your distributor, we offer exceptional products with additional benefits including convenient online ordering for all roses and flexible shipping options.


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