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Award-Winning Stuller Designs and the Inspiration Behind Them: Part 2


More inspiration behind the winners from our in-house design team

In Part 1, we looked at our lab-grown, personalization, and gemstone winners.  In Part 2, we’ll look at the inspiration behind our unique bridal winners.

Ballerina Bride

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-lace Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-shoe

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-sketch Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-sketch-2

This updated ballerina was designed for the romantic bride who knows that more is more- who can layer antiques with modern trend flawlessly. A traditional halo look, with the geometric north/ south baguettes that has a distinct personality.


123996*: 2nd Place JCK Platinum Jewelry $10,000 & Under

Glamorous Designs

stuller-award-winning-jewelry-marquise-diamond-engagement-ring-bride stuller-award-winning-jewelry-marquise-diamond-engagement-ring-flowers


This engagement was inspired by glamorous brides who are seeking a stacked look in her engagement. A design that’s markedly different from the run of the mill solitaire, we picture this for the bride who’s trendy, feminine and unique in her center shape choice.  


123734*: 2nd Place JCK Best Bridal Design $2,500 & Under

Riveting Rose Cuts

stuller-award-winning-jewelry-round-dimaond-rose-cut-engagement-ring-flowers stuller-award-winning-jewelry-round-dimaond-rose-cut-engagement-ring-diamonds


Over the past year, we have been layering rose-cut engagement rings into our assortment. Rose-cut stones date back to the sixteenth century, but have grown in popularity the last few years.  These trending stones allow us to design into bigger carat looks while keeping the total carat weight low because of the 24 facets. These have such a beautiful, low profile look on the hand and are a perfect fit for the low key, elegant bride who wants a non-traditional diamond engagement ring.


Rose-cut and our other unique cut diamonds can be shopped here.

124130*: 3rd Place INSTORE Best Engagement/Wedding Rings Under $5,000

*dictates items available in platinum

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this blog series, where we look at our winning lab-grown and gemstone looks.  You can also browse all of our 2020 award-winning designs here.

Do you have a favorite award winner? Let us know in the comments below!


Emily Bute

Executive Director of Product Development

Joined Stuller in 2018 • I've been making jewelry since I was in grade school • Lover of enamel • Have been in the Jewelry industry for 13 years • Fig fanatic • Dog lover • Former Brooklynite • Mom to one, with another on the way • Amateur gardener • Cookie Connoisseur • Gem collector