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Emily Bute
Executive Director of Product Development
Joined Stuller in 2018 • I've been making jewelry since I was in grade school • Lover of enamel • Have been in the Jewelry industry for 13 years • Fig fanatic • Dog lover • Former Brooklynite • Mom to one, with another on the way • Amateur gardener • Cookie Connoisseur • Gem collector

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Award-Winning Stuller Designs and the Inspiration Behind Them: Part 2

More inspiration behind the winners from our in-house design team

In Part 1, we looked at our lab-grown, personalization, and gemstone winners.  In Part 2, we’ll look at the inspiration behind our unique bridal winners. Ballerina Bride This updated ballerina was designed for the romantic bride who knows that more is more- who can layer antiques with modern trend flawlessly. read more…


Award-winning Stuller designs and the inspiration behind them: Part 1

Our in-house design team discusses the inspiration behind the winners

Stuller’s in-house designers form a creative hub linking our numerous merchandisers with our manufacturing operations. Our designers work back and forth with both groups to achieve the looks desired with the imagination and flair we all seek. As Executive Director of Product Development, I take particular pride in my team’s read more…