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Shasta Palmer
Owner, RocksGoneWild
Owner of RocksGoneWild • Co-owner of the world's most diverse public display of opals- it's on YouTube it's got to be good :) • Acquisition specialist for opals and odd • Passionate about shiny things. • My goal in life is to make people say, "Wow, what is that?" • Answerer to at least 100 questions a day starting with, "Mom what is..."

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Break from Tradition: Offer Creative Ring Box Options to your Customers

See how this husband and wife duo creates these unique and personal mementos

Ring boxes often get the short end. While hours of consideration and effort goes into a single ring design, sometimes the ring box becomes an afterthought. But a creative ring box can result in a complete and memorable proposal. And who knows, it may even help to seal the deal! It’s more read more…