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Break from Tradition: Offer Creative Ring Box Options to your Customers

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See how this husband and wife duo creates these unique and personal mementos

Ring boxes often get the short end. While hours of consideration and effort goes into a single ring design, sometimes the ring box becomes an afterthought. But a creative ring box can result in a complete and memorable proposal. And who knows, it may even help to seal the deal!

It’s more than just a box

Few folks realize the endless possibilities when it comes to offering a unique and creative ring box. Sentimental keepsakes, for example, can be transformed into a creative ring box with some imagination and a little forethought. Imagine a couple whose true love began at a softball game. Did you know their exact baseball could become a key component to their perfect proposal?

Creative Ring Box Baseball Custom Earth Art Gem Jewelry

Meet Austin Moore and Shasta Palmer

Custom jewelry designer Austin Moore of Earth Art Gem & Jewelry works with clients to make creative ring boxes that hold special sentimental value. Austin goes above and beyond to offer advice and craftsmanship, helping grooms-to-be devise the perfect personalized ring box. Along with ordinary objects like baseballs, Austin has even created a matching Cinderella pumpkin coach engagement ring and box set. This personalized service also extends to fellow jewelers seeking something extraordinary. That’s right, Austin and his wife Shasta offer their creative ring box making/finding services to other jewelers at a reduced rate. Because after all, it’s more than just a box!

Creative Ring Box Carriage Earth Art Gem Jewelry

Austin’s wife, Shasta Palmer, also specializes in her own jewelry niche. She has a knack for acquiring opals and odd gemstones. She even holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Technology and Packaging— the ideal qualifications to construct creative ring boxes. The duo started with silversmithing in 2009 as they poured themselves into their new interests. Flash forward almost ten years later, their passions have turned into a full-time specialty through their business.

Austin and Shasta Creative Ring Box Family Photo
Meet Austin and Shasta

Creative ring box possibilities are endless

Consider the deeper meaning boxes can convey. An engagement ring in a box shaped like a globe could scream, “You are my world.” Likewise, a heart-shaped ring box might suggest, “I’ll give my heart if you give me your hand in marriage.” Use these romantic ideas to bump your ring box sales to the next level. Jewelers often recommend the quintessential little black box, but instead, the possibilities are endless to make an outstanding proposal.

Creative Ring Box Treasure Earth Art Gem Jewelry

Other amazing engagement ring box designs should not be overlooked. Earth Art Gems & Jewelry also make treasure chest ring boxes, complete with lights and a recordable message option.

Make it personal

For your next ring sale, try to personalize the box with special messages, wedding dates, and names. And remember, a creative ring box also serves as ring bearer vehicles during the wedding ceremony. So, heed Austin and Shasta’s advice: Don’t be afraid to poke around to see what’s trending. Etsy offers a huge variety of movie and video game boxes like Pokémon balls, for example. These days, there are plenty of advances in ring box technology too— from 360-degree spinning to ones with LED lights and video recording capabilities to super slim designs that slip right into one’s back pocket.

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Have you sold any clever ring boxes lately? Share your story with us in the comments below. Then, visit Earth Art Gem & Jewelry to see all that Austin Moore and Shasta Palmer have to offer.


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