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A Personal Thanksgiving

Elizabeth reflects on what she's most thankful for

Today my family, like many other families, will sit around the table eating way too much delicious food. And one by one, we’ll talk about the past year and why we feel grateful. This time around will be more challenging. My husband and my children’s father died at the end of September following several years of illness. Losing him has changed us and we’re navigating grief as best we can.

I’m not sure what my children will say at the table today, but I have a lot for which I am grateful: a home and food, having my children close by, support from my wonderful friends and equally wonderful siblings, the opportunity to discover just how strong I am, and a 3 year old granddaughter who eats my pumpkin pie as if there’s no tomorrow.

But the simple fact remains that I spend more time at work than anywhere, and I’m grateful for my job. I enjoy what I do and it kept me sane during very difficult times.

I’m grateful for my amazing colleagues throughout Stuller, particularly in Stuller’s Marketing Department. They’re quite a crew, blessed with lively intelligence, intensity, humor, dedication, perfectionism — it has to be done right! — and many more positive virtues I couldn’t have lived without.

Some are outrageously funny, others have a quiet dignity that fills me with awe. Some are playful and like to tease, others are super-focused. Some have a calm demeanor and others spark with irrepressible energy. Whatever the individual characteristics, we’re a team and we help each other move forward just as they help me.

Over the years I’ve worked for a number of businesses, and I’ve enjoyed many of my past colleagues. But this group here — they’re really something special and I’m so grateful for them today and every day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fabulously successful holiday season!


Elizabeth Raffel

I've been with Stuller since 2013 • Primarily read books on physics and other sciences • Was blown away by 'Breaking Bad' • I believe no woman can have too many boots or too much jewelry • Been writing professionally longer than I care to admit • Studied tailoring after college.