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7 Jewelry Style Trends to Love for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day gift guide

Stock your case with stunning pieces following the season’s most beloved design trends.

You can feel the season of love in the air! As Valentine’s Day approaches, those filled with the spirit of love are on the hunt for the perfect expression. Whether romantic, familial, platonic, or self-directed, every form of love deserves to be celebrated with a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. 


Our team works hard to stay on top of the latest jewelry trends — the ones anyone would love as a gift. Not only do we have the hottest styles, but we also keep a diverse and vast in-stock selection that ensures the perfect piece is ready to be shipped with rapid delivery. 


Browse our Valentine’s Day gift guide and explore the trends your customers will want this season. 

Heartfelt Classics

heart jewelry

While hearts may seem traditional, they are far from cliché. Heart-shaped jewelry is currently on the rise, transcending Valentine’s Day. From runways to everyday wear, hearts are being seen everywhere for their celebration of the various forms of love — romantic love, self-love, and beyond. 

Multi-Stone Marvels

multi stone jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, more is always more. Whether in rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, the artful arrangement of multiple diamonds or gemstones transforms each piece into a dazzling showstopper — the ideal choice for capturing attention and hearts. 

Roped and Wrapped

rope jewelry

Discover the modern symbolism of hearts entwined with jewelry that is roped and wrapped. Inspired by knots and ropes, these designs offer a contemporary representation of love’s eternal connection. 

Bow Adornments

bow jewelry barbiecore jewelry

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for any customer to celebrate the style and grace of divinely feminine aesthetics. Elegantly featured on its own or paired with diamonds or gemstones, bows add a charming and whimsical allure, making for a timeless and endearing gift. 

Gothic Glam

gothic jewelry

For those with a penchant for the dark and mysterious, gothic elements steal the spotlight. Featuring daggers adorned with hearts and skulls, paired with black and dark red heart-shaped stones, this trend embodies a love story steeped in passion and fantasy. 

Elegance in Enamel

enamel jewelry

Add a burst of color and sophistication with enameled jewelry. Paired with diamonds and vibrant gemstones, this trend elevates essential styles with the perfect pop every ensemble needs. The newest pink enamel perfectly aligns with the holiday spirit and the popular Barbiecore trend. 

Lovingly Linked

custom chain jewelry

Transform trending chain styles by adding a personal touch. Charms, dangles, links, bails, and bars create one-of-a-kind pieces, reflecting a unique style and sentiment — the marker of a memorable Valentine’s Day gift or the perfect Galentine’s Day surprise. 

Gifts That Speak From the Heart

Go beyond the ordinary by offering your customers a Valentine’s Day jewelry selection filled with love and style. Let each piece tell a story and capture the essence of the season. Remember, the key to helping select the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is for the jewelry to not only enhance the moment but also memories that last a lifetime. 


Riley Sevel

Product Manager, Fine Jewelry

Riley holds degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Textile Engineering from Boise State University and Thomas Jefferson University as well as her Applied Jewelry Professional certification from GIA. Her love of data and analysis helps her explore and drive the latest trends in fine jewelry.