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Introducing Stuller’s New 302 Fine Jewelry Brand

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One of our most significant and exciting releases at JCK Las Vegas this year was 302™, Stuller’s newest fine jewelry brand. With female self-purchasers on the rise, we’ve curated the 302 Fine Jewelry Collection to cater directly to this fast-growing demographic.

We divided 302 Fine Jewelry into five personality-inspired collections — Sage, Ruler, Seeker, Rebel, and Innocent — each with its hand-selected jewelry curations. We know every woman is different, so we created a line for all modern women, whether she likes trendy geometrics, striking symbols, or everything in between.

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The Sage Collection™

For the woman who reaches for the stars

The Sage Collection, full of constellations, moons, and starbursts, was inspired by those who value knowledge, understanding, and, most importantly, wonder.

302 Fine Jewelry Sage Collection

The Ruler Collection™

For the woman who was born to lead

With classy pearls, colorful gemstones, and romantic accents, the Ruler Collection contains royalty-themed jewelry. Doesn’t every woman deserve the royal treatment?

302 Fine Jewelry Ruler Collection
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The Seeker Collection™

For the woman who knows the journey is better than the destination

In the Seeker Collection, cluster jewelry celebrates the innate curiosity, which brings women to new and exciting experiences.

302 Fine Jewelry Seeker Collection
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The Rebel Collection™

For the woman who knows that rules were made to be broken

The Rebel Collection boasts our newest geometric jewelry, freeing women from conformity and monotony.

302 Fine Jewelry Rebel Collection
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The Innocent Collection™

For the woman who believes

The Innocent Collection features peaceful symbolic jewelry to delight the faithful and renew hope in all that’s good.

302 Fine Jewelry Innocent Collection

Become an Authorized Retailer

By meeting an initial buy-in, you will gain access to marketing materials exclusive to the 302 Fine Jewelry line as well as support from our expert staff. 302 boasts flexibility and price points to fit any size business and provide additional support for your success. Visit to view each collection and call our 302 Fine Jewelry merchandising specialist at 800-877-7777 ext. 3648 to become an authorized retailer.

This post was written by Ally Gary, Marketing Copywriter, in collaboration with Blaire Hovis, Stuller’s Fine Jewelry Director


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