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3 Exciting New Features for CounterSketch® 2019

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These new design options will help you better serve your customers and boost your creativity.

Good things only get better, and at Gemvision, we strive to provide only the best in CAD software. It’s been an exciting few months keeping our latest update a secret — but the wait ends now!

Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce the release of the CounterSketch 2019 fall update, here just in time for the holidays. This update comes with some long-anticipated features, which I’ll detail below.

NEW Gemstone Shopper

CounterSketch has always been a fantastic customization tool, but adding gemstones opens the door to even more exciting possibilities. Now, you and your customers can shop Stuller’s extensive collection of Notable Gems™.

These uncalibrated gemstones are individually sourced for beauty and rarity and will inspire your creativity — not to mention your customers’ creativity.

The shop-by-color experience allows you to select more than one type of gemstone at a time. And the good news? It’s precisely the same as shopping with your customers on

If you’re already familiar with that, there’s nothing new to learn; just start shopping!

Updated Diamond Shopping Experience

As before, you can shop the entire Stuller Diamonds™ inventory via CounterSketch. With the new updates, you can:

  • Filter, sort, and compare diamonds as you would on
  • View videos of the diamonds and grading reports while working in CounterSketch.
  • Provide a seamless, enhanced shopping experience for you and your customers.

Once you’ve selected the perfect diamond or gemstone, use CounterSketch to design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to hold that special stone forever.

Stuller Showcase® Pricing Integration

Stuller Showcase is the source for all CounterSketch markups, and with the new pricing integration, you can now do a few cool new things with markup options and categories:

  • Choose diamond markups by cost or by weight.
  • Specify gemstone markups by price in four different tiers.
  • Choose metal markups based on metal type and studio charges.
  • Incorporate flat fees and taxes to get the most accurate price.

We also added a new CounterSketch flat fee that is exclusive to CounterSketch. With this feature, you can account for any additional costs or margins you wish to make on CounterSketch projects.

Stuller Showcase Pricing integration

If you haven’t set up your Stuller Showcase markups yet, be sure to do so. Not sure how? Watch this quick tutorial:



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