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Zale’s Tales: Love and Large Diamonds

Zale's Tales Stanley Love and Large Diamonds

Follow Stanley Zale's adventures in the exciting world of diamonds

While I consider myself very young, I have to admit that I’ve been involved in the diamond business for nearly 40 years. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some amazing diamonds. When I look back at everything that transpired in that time, even I have a hard time believing it happened. But it did. My family keeps telling me that I need to write a book. Maybe I’ll start right here with this blog entry.

In the Early Years

I was the buyer of rough diamonds and in charge of all diamond manufacturing for Zale Corporation. We had diamond-cutting facilities in New York and Puerto Rico. Zale was a DTC Sightholder and among the top five Sightholders in the world. Being such a large buyer gave us access to “specials” — rough diamonds that weighed more than 15 carats.  One of the most notable diamonds that we bought with our partners was 890 carats in the rough. It was, up until then, the fourth-largest rough diamond ever found. Our partners polished the diamond down to 535 carats, making it the largest polished diamond in history. From there and over the next few years, that diamond took me to Hong Kong, Brunei, Geneva, Washington, D.C., and Christie’s Auction House in New York. In all the shuffle, the decision was made to recut the diamond to a smaller size and better make — a mere 407 carats! Needless to say, this job was not short on excitement.

Happily Ever After

There were other advantages, too. Being in charge of the diamond manufacturing also meant I knew before anyone what was coming off the wheel. So as my relationship with a certain Claudia Sue Evans moved toward something more serious, I earmarked an especially beautiful, and very well-made, two-carat pear shape for her engagement ring.  She said yes, and 30 years, three children, and a small pack of dogs later, Claudia and I are happier than ever. Except, of course, that it’s time to remount the pear shape.

Zale's Tales Stanley Zale & Claudia Zale

I suppose the lesson here is that it doesn’t matter if your customer wants a .01 carat, a 1 carat, or a 10 carat. To him, it’s as big as the Ritz and is worthy of nothing less than the utmost respect and consideration. And if he’s lucky, it might mean the beginning of something as special as what Claudia and I have. I hope so.

Hmm…  I think this might be the foundation of chapter one of my book!


Stanley Zale

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