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With Eternal Connections, Your Ring Will Fit Forever

A versatile problem-solver that puts an end to ring sizing problems.

Rings change hands… literally. Perhaps you have a customer complaining about their ring size changing throughout the year. Stuller wants to make sure that you can offer them a flexible option that allows them the choice to change their mind. We have a solution to any of your ring problems. With the Eternal Connections Sizing Attachment, you as a jeweler have the perfect solution for each of your unique clients. No two clients are the same, so why would their jewelry challenges be? 

Jewelry That Fits Your Client, Not the Other Way Around  

Resizing a ring is easy for many jewelers, but it can sometimes leave your customers worried. “What if my ring size changes? Will I have to get it resized again?” Perhaps they would want to make sure a particular ring can be passed down and fit a family member’s finger in the future. With Eternal Connections, resizing a ring isn’t a permanent procedure. You can allow any customer the opportunity to pass a ring down to a loved one without worrying about it being too large. With the component, you can easily resize a ring without needing to restructure a family heirloom completely.  

Rings That Stay Put 

One of the main challenges of having a ring stack is the inevitable scratches and scuffs created from the rings rubbing together on your client’s finger. Not only will this cause the rings to lose their preferred polish or finish, but it can also give it a different look than desired. This problem is quickly eliminated whenever you install an Eternal Collections clasp component into the ring’s shank. This component allows your clients to have the built-in versatility options to solve this dilemma.  

Never Solder Again 

Eternal Connections Findings

Never again think to solder two rings permanently together. What if your client wishes to wear their ring solitarily rather than as a set with another band? The Eternal Connections clasp gives them the option to have them together or separate while having the comfort fit that comes with Eternal Connections. Or what if someone wants their engagement ring and wedding band to be “soldered” together, so they don’t rub or spin but don’t want to wear a tall engagement ring when gardening or traveling? These clasps give them the option to “un-solder” them at any time, giving you, the jeweler, a selling perk and benefit to their active lifestyle. They can even attach another component to multiple other rings and mix and match their ring stacks. 

Never worry about a ring slipping, spinning, scuffing, or having the ring’s integrity weakened with unnecessary twisting when it comes to Eternal Connections. Check out all of Stuller’s Eternal Connections components to make sure you find the perfect solution for your customers.

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